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Treasures of Kenia

6th February 2019 at 6.00 PM (in German language)
@ Deutsche Schule Nairobi 

Menu Cafeteria


PA Sitzung
PA Meeting

Zeugniskonferenz GS, 9-11, Zulassungskonferenz 12, Unterricht wird vertreten
Certificate conference GS, 9-11, admission conference 12, teaching is present

Notenschluss GS 13.30
Note closure GS 1.30 PM

Fortbildung OLK 5
Training OLK 5

Fortbildung DaF/DFU Kairo
Training DaF/DFU Kairo

AG Presentation's Woche
AG Presentation week

MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah
MSMUN Kl. 7-9 Frau Shah

3. FL-Sitzung
3. FL-Meeting

Zeugnisse Halbjahr
Zeugnisausgabe in der 6. Stunde;
Unterrichtsschluss nach der 6. Std. (keine AG)
Busse fahren 13.05 Uhr
Ende des ersten Halbjahres.

Issue of semi-annual reports
Issue of certificates in the 6th hour;
Closing time after the 6th hour. (no AG)
Buses leave at 1.05 PM
End of the first half-year.

Swim festival

Students' Council

We are the new mini-student representatives

Alyssia – Jakob – Rosa – Josef – Lieselotte – Mwalimu – Nora – Luca

We will be responsible ti discuss Primary school topics during the 2nd term.

We will try to make the Primary school even more attractive.

Your Mini-SV 

Students' Council Representatives 2017/18

Rachel Odongo (Kl. 12), Lorenzo Heckner (Kl. 12), Joseph Ndalo (Kl. 11), Daniel Wandere (Kl. 9) and Sandra Juma (Kl. 8) 

Time to Party!

After the success of the Class Party for Classes 5 – 7, the Students Council held another party for the older students, this time for Classes 8 – 12 on Thursday the 10th of May.

Although the party was not as well attended as the first one, those students who turned up had a great time. A barbecue (with plenty of contributions from parents – Asante sana for this), some games, followed by the film, Jumanji II on a large screen in the cafeteria….

What better way to spend a rainy Thursday evening?

S. Shah, V. Nyakango, Trusted teacher



Pool Party Class 5 - 7

The Students Council held a pool party for students of Grades 5 – 7 on Friday 13th April 2018. Despite the ominous date, the party was a huge success. Most students from these classes stayed on after lessons on Friday at 1.00 p.m., proceeding to the pool.

Students had been requested in advance to bring a small contribution to the buffet – and what a spread we had (the pictures say it all!). The sumptuous buffet was followed by games members of the Students Council had organised. Needless to say, another quick pool dip was required to cool off after a much fought for Tug-of-war (which the girls won!).

Many thanks to Jada Ladu for providing music and organising the equipment, the cafeteria for providing soft drinks which included a truly delicious lemonade, and the parents for contributing so generously to the buffet.

Thanks to the Students Council members! We now look forward to the Class 8 – 12 party on the 3rd of May.

 V. Nyakang’o, S. Shah