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We are pleased about your interest in the German School Nairobi. Our school offers a demanding, high-quality education for German as well as foreign-speaking children and for students from our host country Kenya.

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Important dates

24.08.20 - First day of school
24.08.20, 10 am - School meeting about ZOOM for classes 1-12, parents and guests
02.09.20 - Enrolment of the 1st graders

Scholarship Applications


The Scholarship programme at the German School Nairobi was initiated in February 2008. The aim of the programme was twofold:

  • To offer a world class education to deserving students of our host country Kenya.
  • To allow students who successfully complete their Abitur examinations, called DIA (German International Abitur Examination, the equivalent of an IB or an A-level qualification in Class 12 an opportunity to pursue their tertiary education in Germany, as German universities charge no tuition fee, even for foreign students. The DIA is an international qualification, and is accepted in all EU and non-EU countries (including the U.S.A.), as well as at the University of Nairobi.

The German School Nairobi is a co-educational, multi-ethnical, non-denominational school. The medium of education is German.

The number of scholarships given in any year is based on

1)      The quality and circumstances of applicants.

2)      Availability of funds within the school budget.


Students aged 9 - 10*, who are currently in Class 4, (or students in the British system who have completed Class 4) are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

*We will also consider applications from students aged 10 - 11

Types of scholarships and fee structure

All scholarships are based on academic excellence.

Successful candidates may benefit form a school fee reduction of 25%, 50% or 75%. This decision will be made by the school’s management, based on the family’s income.*

Lunch is included in the school fee, but it does not include bus transport, should this be necessary.

*All applicants’ parents/ guardians must make a full financial disclosure (see requirements below under how to apply section.) All such applications are always kept completely confidential. None of this information is published, and this information will be treated with the utmost sensitivity. Please note that a scholarship cannot be considered without proof of financial need. In case an applicant provides false or incomplete information, s/he will be disqualified from the application process. 

(Please note that there is an annual school fee increment of 5 - 7%, which would also be applicable to all scholarship students throughout their education at the German School Nairobi.)

How to apply

Applications should be addressed to:

German School Nairobi
Scholarship Application
P.O. Box 978
00621 Nairobi



Please submit the following documentation together with the application form:

  • Colour passport-sized photograph of applicant student
  • Copies of last 2 academic years' school reports
  • Copy of birth certificate or copy of passport
  • Copy of parent's identification documents

All Applicants must fill out and submit the financial declaration form (download below) and submit together with the required documents:

  • Electricity bill (to show proof of adress)
  • Tax Returns
  • Business audited financial statements
  • Payslips for the last 6 months 


Selection procedure

All applications received by the set deadline will be assessed by the scholarship committee and only those candidates deemed suitable will be called for interviews and tests in November, after which the successful candidates will be notified accordingly. The school's decision on each application is final and irrevocable.




Other useful information

The Programme and Language Support

Students eligible to apply are those who have completed Standard 4 by December of the calendar year, usually aged 9 - 10. After a thorough selection process, successful candidates join the school from January of the next calendar year. Students need not have any prior knowledge of the German language at all.

The School provides an intensive course in Foreign Language German to students on our Scholarship Programme.

The intensive course lasts for six months, and involves around 20 hours of German a week. The students also participate in Mathematics, Sports and Art lessons with their classmates from Class 4. The aimof the intensive course is for students to be able to join the German medium main-stream lessons in Class 5 by August when the new academic year starts. They also continue receiving additional Foreign Language German lessons for at least three more years, to allow them to gradually reach the same level as first language speakers.

Continuation of the academic scholarship

Scholarship students are expected to fulfil certain requirements, described in the document Stipulations for Scholarship Students here. In order to ensure students are given every chance to fulfil these requirements, each student is given a "Progress Report" 6 weeks prior to the end of semester grade, to indicate if s/he has any weaknesses. This grants the student time to improve upon this weak area by the time the final semester grade is calculated.

Minder, Mentor and Tutor Support

In addition to giving our students language support, it is important to us that they settle down well, and perform well in the system.  To this aim, a "minder" is appointed for each child as soon as they join the school. This minder is from Class 4, the scholarship student's current class, and the role of the minder is to show the new student around, to explain new things to him / her, and in general to make the student comfortable in the new environment.

In order to assist the students with academic difficulties, we have initiated a "Mentor System". Mentors are scholarship students from higher classes who volunteer to help younger scholars with any subjects they may be having problems in.

We understand fully, that students not only need help and guidance from fellow students, but also from teachers. To this aim, we have put in place a Tutor System. Each scholarship student chooses a teacher who will be his / her tutor. This tutor is the first point of contact should the student have any difficulty in any aspect of school life. On the other hand, the tutor keeps an overall eye on the student, and contacts the parents / guardians of the students should it be deemed necessary. It goes without saying of course, that in addition to the tutors, all subject teachers, the co-ordinators of the Programme, as well as the School's Management team are always available should there be any need for a meeting.


We also consider the social integration of the students and parents into the German School very important, and address it in the following ways:

A. Students

As part of the Class Trip Concept, students go on several class trips with their peers, so they are able to socialise and work with them in informal, "out of the class" situations.

Trip to Germany

In order to help the students understand the German Culture better and to help improve their German language, a three week trip to Germany is organised every two years. The students in Classes 7 and 8 stay with host families to get a real insight into "Life in Germany". As part of this trip, they attend school with their partner, but also participate in a non-academic programme with their host families.

Careers Counselling

Each scholarship student is offered Careers Counselling at the school. We have an in-house Careers Advisor (who organises regular Careers Evenings and Work Experience Programmes) - more information here - as well as an external advisor who comes to the school every two years. A special information session on studying in Germany is held specifically for the scholarship students, and parents are welcome to attend this, too.

We also work closely with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in this area - find an example here. Germany - an attractive place of study! Presentation of the DAAD here.

In Class 11, all students go on a compulsory Study Trip to Germany. The aim of this trip is to familiarise the students on tertiary education in the country, and students attend University Open Days to this aim.

B. Parents

Parents' Evenings

1) The first Parent Evening is held a few weeks after we announce who the new scholarship students are. "New" parents are invited to meet the Programme Co-ordinators and the German teachers of their children. Practical information that is necessary for the first few weeks in school is disseminated in this session.

2) During the intensive course, their German teachers host at least 2 Parents' Evenings.

3) Once a year, a Parents' Evening is held for all scholarship parents. One of the most important points on the agenda for this meeting is to elect a Scholarship Parent Representative and his / her Deputy. The role of this person is to mediate between the parents and the school's management. 

Social Integration

In addition the school, in conjunction with the parents offers at least one cultural event at the school, where all parents are invited to come and get to know each other, to get to understand each other's cultures better. All parents are expected to attend the school's social functions, such as theater or musical productions etc.

A German Course is offered for parents on a weekday evening.

For a more detailed explanation on the German School Nairobi and the German School System in general, please download this document: My Child and the German School Nairobi

NEWS - Scholarship Programme

Bremen Diary, 31 May - 15 June

1. Day - 01.06.2019
Arriving in Bremen

On the 31st of May the scholarship students of class 7,8 and 9 and two other non-scholarships of class seven began their seven hour flight to Amsterdam. After our arrival in Amsterdam, we had a two hour stay in the airport. Afterwards we boarded the flight to Bremen that lasted 45 minutes. When we arrived we found our guest famillies already waiting for us. The meeting with the host families was great. Everyone was very friendly and they welcomed us with open hearts. Every scholarship student was accompanied by their guest family to their houses and we spent the rest of the day with each other. Some of us went shopping right away with our families  and some of us went to the park to have a walk. Some were also very tired from the long trip so they stayed at home or had a nap.

2. Day - 02.06.2019
Getting to know each other and team building 

It all began on June 2nd. Finally the Kenyans were in Germany and met the students of the GSM in their school. There we got to know each other. First we split up into two groups. In each group we played a game where we had to learn the names of each pupil. After the game we took a small break because it was very hot. Then we did another team building activity: We had to arrange ourselves according to our birth month without speaking. Afterwards we went to "Cafe Sand". Over there, some people cooled their legs down in the Weser and everyone ate lunch there: sausages with chips or just chips alone. It was a really fun day.

3. Day - 03.06.2019
Attending classes and making small groups

Today we met in the morning in the theatre room. There we started the day with teambuilding and afterwards we went to classs for a "block" (1 1/2 hours) to see how the school is here. The subjects we attended were English, German and music. In English we watched a movie, in German we wrote summaries and in music we were allowed to play instruments.
Later we went to a restaurant called "Gallo" for lunch. There was pasta with tomato sauce or pizza. Everyone enjoyed the food at the Italian restaurant.
In the afternoon we formed three working groups: The cooking group, the film group and the theatre group. After first instructions in the small groups by the teachers we were allowed to go home at 4.00 pm.

4. Day - 04.05.2019
City Rally

Tuesday started off with a short group gathering at 9 o’clock, where the teachers gave us a short briefing of how that day would go. After the briefing, we went on to do a few team building exercises in small groups, that everyone enjoyed, where we had to pick puzzle pieces without looking and put them together with the rest of the group and flip a mat while on it, without stepping on the ground. After a short break, we then divided ourselves into groups of five, getting ready to go for a city rally around Bremen. Shortly after, we then took off, having been given exercises, in which we had to find specific attractions all around Bremen and two other additional tasks. After a long day of fun in the city, we then all met at 5 o’clock at the art hall, ready to watch a few short acts performed about Bremen. The acts were very humorous and interesting. After the long day, we were all released to go home to our guest families.

5. Day - 05.06.2019 
First day in our smallgroups

Today was a good day. We started work in the three small groups that we formed yesterday. There was a film group, a cooking group and a theater group.
Our cooking group wondered what we wanted to cook today. At first, we searched for recipes. When we agreed what we wanted to cook, we calculated what we needed and went shopping for the ingredients. Today it should be German potato soup as a main course and Kenyan banana balls for dessert. At the end there was mashed potato soup with sausage, a vegetarian soup and a dessert that was delicious! Everyone enjoyed it.
The film group has also been divided in small groups and practiced with the iPads filming. The students gathered ideas about what they could do. One idea was to do an interview while filming.

6. Day - 06.06.2019
Our trip to Hamburg

On Thursday we took the train at 8.30 am from Bremen to Hamburg. The ride took less than an hour. From the train station we took the metro to the Elbphilharmonie. In this building, there were a lot of balconies and terraces where you could see the city and take good photos. The film group also did interviews there.
After that we went to the miniature museum "Miniaturmuseum" where we had lunch. After lunch we could go look around. Next to the amazing exhibit, there was a souvenire shop. When everyone was done looking around, we went through the Elbtunnel to the other side of the river. Kris and Ahana met former schoolmates from Nairobi there. Afterwards we took a boat to the musical Lion King. As we were waiting, we played games. The musical was staged very well and took three hours. We took a bus back and we reached Bremen tired at 1.30 am.
The day was really fun, but at the end our feet hurt and we were really tired.

7. Day - 07.06.2019
Cooking day

Today was Friday, the last day before the weekend. There was much to do: We had to prepare lunch. The cooking group made the following: Two potato soups, one vegetable soup and Banana balls. We were responsible for the Potato soup. Since everyone didn’t want to eat vegetarian, we made a Potato soup with sausages. First we washed and cut the vegetables, then they got thrown into a huge pot and my group waited for 15-30 minutes. In the mean time we cut and boiled the sausages. After we put the sausages in the pot to cook with the soup we helped the other groups. Now lunch was served. The cooking group, the film and video group and the theater group enjoyed the masterpieces we created. After lunch was over the cooking group had to clean the kitchen up. At four o'clock a few went to "Saturn". There was so much cool stuff to see in "Saturn".

8. and 9. Day - 08/09.06.19

Saturday and Sunday were family days. Everyone was in the host families and could choose what they wanted to do. It was an extraordinary day for the people of Bremen - it was Pentecost. We Kenyans met on Saturday too. Almost all have gone shopping in the city and one of us even went by train to Berlin. As there was not much free time during the week, this day was very helpful for us because we could all buy gifts and souvenirs for our families. It was a nice experience. The sun went down late, so everyone was out long with the permission of the host parents. The rest of the evening we spent with our host parents and host siblings.

10. Day - 10.06.2019
Daily report

Today was a nice day. First we all welcomed each other and then we played a game. The game was a trust game where everyone was blindfolded. You had to stand in a row and who was last, had to give the instruction, but he/she was not allowed to speak. He/she had to tap the shoulders of the person in front and everyone had to do the same until that person turned. Then we went to our groups (theater group, cooking group, film group). We had to repeat everything because on Wednesday we should present what we did this week. At half past one the food was ready. The cooking group cooked Ugali with spinach. It did not taste quite right. But the custard dessert was delicious. Then we went back to our groups. The theater group improved a few mistakes they made. In the end, we walked home.

11. Day - 11.06.2019
Last day in our small groups

On Tuesday the small groups had a lot to do, because it was their last day before presentation day. The cooking group conjured today a delicious menu for us. They cooked different noodles as well as rice with vegetarian and meat sauces. Afterwards there was a tasty quark with chocolate. Yummy!
The filming group with the project „Foreigners in Bremen” had a special visitor. Her name was Virginie Kamche and is the Chairwoman Africa Network Bremen. We interviewed the lady and went through everything, we worked on till then. The two other groups also took the chance and interviewed Mrs. Kamche. The theater group added more scenes to their project and chose their costumes. The students were still looking for suitable music and everyone practiced their own role.

12. Day - 12.06.2019
 Performance day

The presentation of the results done by the small groups took place on Wednesday. The theatre group, the cooking group and the film group had been preparing well for this day. The host parents and students came to see the results and teachers from the school were also invited.
The preparation began at 9.00 am. The film group had started the day by editing and finishing their interview videos. The cooking group prepared the food for the buffet. Their work had taken longer than that of the other groups because they prepared a lot of food.
The theater group had to finish their play alone that day because the group leader was not there. Around 4.00 pm many people came to see the show. At the beginning of the performance and between the other contributions, the film group showed their masterpieces. Then the time had come for the theater group to present what they had been working on. They played their great act and sang a song at the end that had the message of bringing people together. Afterwards the Kenyan group from the German School Nairobi performed their school song. At the end the buffet was opened and all guests and project participants enjoyed it.

13. Day - 13.06.2019

On Thursday the 13th of June we went to the Port of Bremen where we visited the "Climate House" (Klimahaus). Excitedly we woke up bright and early to make it to the main train station by 8.15 am. On the train we talked amongst ourselves or played card games to pass the time.
We arrived at the "Climate House" at around 10.30 am and listened to a short presentation and the route we were to take. After that we got to start our journey through the fascinating building.
They present different types of climate from all over the world to give the visitors a real life experience. On top of that they have other exhibitions that engage people of all ages.
After we had our fun there, we made our way to the port just to enjoy the breeze and each others company before we made our way back home.
All in all it was a very beautiful day.

14. Day - 14.06.2019
Time to say goodbye

Unfortunately our time in Bremen has come to an end. The past two weeks were memorable and we can all say that we connected with the students from GSM (Gesamtschule Mitte Bremen). We met in school at 9 o’clock as usual and spent an hour working on our journals. We then did an evaluation both online and on paper about our time spent in Germany. The remarks were very positive and afterwards we walked over to the Weser to spend the afternoon together.
There we played games such as „Wikingerschach“, Frisbee, Football and American Football. We also took many pictures for memories and just sat around listening to music. We all still had smiles on our faces but as time flew our happiness lessened.
Our teachers treated us with a cone of ice cream, we took our last group photo and departed with those we wouldn’t see at the airport or in the evening.
At 6.00 pm some of us met at the Wallanlagen park to attend "La Strada" which is an International Festival of Street Art in Bremen. Most of us left early because we could barely see what was being presented but all in all it was a lovely last day.

15. Day - 15.06.2019
Farewell at Bremen airport and return flight to Nairobi

We met on the last day at 5 o‘clock in the morning at the airport. Unfortunately not everyone from the exchange could make it there. As soon as we checked in our bags we had to say goodbye. Because we had so much fun together it was sad to say goodbye. Some people even cried.
After we had passed the security check we had to wait until 6.10 am until we could board the plane. The flight lasted an hour. In Amsterdam we actually had 6 hours to do what we wanted. This consisted mainly of shopping and getting something to eat. When we met at 1.50 pm we found out the flight had been delayed by two hours. Until then we waited at the gate. It took quite a long time before everyone got on the plane, as this flight was full. After a few minutes almost all the students had fallen asleep, but we were also excited that we would soon be back in Nairobi. During the flight there were two meals: The first was a late lunch and the second was dinner.
Arriving in Nairobi, we first had to go through passport control and then we were allowed to get our bags. We were allowed to go home when our parents arrived to pick us up.

Stephanie, Natasha, Trishala, Hanan, Ahana, William, Albert und Kris from class 7
Wema, Karl, Kamau und Aman class 8 as well as Awino, Wangui und Sandra from class 9

We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and appreciation for organizing a successful and a memorable trip for Scholarship students of year 7,8 and 9 to Bremen,Germany. We are thankful to all those involved, in especially Mrs. Seite, Mrs. Fixen-Zahn and Mrs. Busch for their selfless work right from searching the school, host families, seamless planning and arrangements and utmost care throughout the journey. Nonetheless the pupils have gained purposeful experiences and memories, have made great friendships and bonds with students and families in the host country setting an unique essence of oneness in diversity.
On behalf of Scholarship parents
Sonal Savla
Scholarship Representative"

Here you can find the link for the newsletter, where parents can see the film of the final presentation and the pictures of the scholarship holder trip

A warm welcome to our new scholarship students


Our new scholarship students spent their first day at GSN today. We look forward to welcoming you and wish you much fun and success at the German School Nairobi!

from left to right: Natasha Shituvi, Nadia Odhiambo, Stephanie Isdora, Hanan Khan,Trishla Savla

in the back: Mrs Andrea Busch, Mrs Ewa Kühne 

Photos from their first day at our school in our photo gallery.

A big WELCOME to our new scholarship students in January 2015

After a long selection procedure including tests and trial days, the big day finally arrived: the new scholarship students of the German School Nairobi joined us on Thursday the 15th of January 2015. So here’s a very warm welcome to Alma, Aman, Kamau, Karl and Wema! We wish you an excellent start to your new journey!

Read more here.

Photo gallery welcome ceremony here.

New scholarship students started in January 2014

Five new Scholarship Students at the GSN. We would like to welcome our new Scholarship Students: Sandra Juma, Wangui Kiama, George Mwangi, Joyce Ndungi and Awino Ollows! read more

Study Trip to Germany of Class 11

September and October in Germany. What may one imagine? Cold? Probably. Rain? Sometimes. We, class 11 experienced all these and more during our trip to south Germany.

Our stay spanned over two weeks, during which we lived with host families. The German host families were welcoming and kind, however the local High School encompassed 1500 students. Naturally those of us who had never visited a German High School before had to get used to their new circumstances. All in all our experiences lived on to be very positive. read more

Scholarship trip to Dresden, Germany - October 2013

As part of our cultural integration programme for the scholarship students, we organise a trip every two years to Germany for students from classes 7 and 8. The aim of the trip is to give the students an insight into everyday German life. Our students thus spent just under 3 weeks in October 2013 at the Kreuzgymnasium in Dresden, Germany, which happens to be the oldest school in the country, dating back to the 13th Century! Accommodation for the eleven students was provided in host families, and the students went to school daily with their partners. For many, this was their first ever trip abroad.

Here are some impressions from the students:

Clinton Mzee:

I participated in the trip to Germany, and am convinced that this was a great cultural trip, filled with experiences of every kind. I would never hesitate to take up such an opportunity again. To summarise: 18 days, 7000 km, 1 host family! All of that in one word: superb!


Dresden is a beautiful city. I liked the fact that the people were so friendly, and found us interesting. For me the highlight was Berlin, where we spent the last day, visited the Parliament Buildings and did a city tour. I found this city amazing.

Latasha Munywoki

The trip to Dresden was a great experience for me. I made several new friends, and I am still in touch with many of them. My host family was especially kind. It was my birthday in March, and they sent me a present here in Nairobi. I travelled with them to Munich, Bavaria, where we stayed in a youth hostel.

Matthew Mwenda

The scenery of Dresden is stunning. I liked the lessons at the school, as well as the teachers. Some of them were not as strict as the teachers at the GSN! I enjoyed feeding the ducks at the River Elbe.

New scholarship students started in January 2013

Chris, who took part in the very first German intensive course under the Scholarship programme in 2008, is now in the middle of doing his Abitur examinations; simultaneously, five "fresh" students have joined us in our 2013 German Intensive Course, and are ready to find their way here at the school and to become a part of the school family!

Three girls and two boys joined the GSN on the 18th of January 2013. They, along with their parents, were welcomed with a small ceremony, which has now become traditional at the school. From now till the end of the academic year in July, these five young people possibly have the biggest challenge of their lives - to master a difficult and completely unknown language, called German! Ms Rode and Ms Stegen are there of course, as teachers to help them succeed in every step of the way. They can also get assistance from their "minders", students from Class 4, with whom theyhave lessons in a couple of other subjects. These minders are there to help them in class, help them to settle down in their new environment and in a completely new education system, and last but definitely not least, to make new friendships.

And furthermore, the new scholarship students can turn to any of the other 30 scholarship students already in the school, who may be familiar with possible problems, and would be willing to lend a helping hand.

Best of luck, Abby, Bekote, Daniel, Krystal and Muturi!

Impressions after the first six weeks

"Hallo, wie geht´s?" - "Danke gut und Ihnen? - "Wunderbar!"

We are pleased to say that after 6 weeks of being at the German School Nairobi, our new scholarship students of 2012, Crystal, Grace, Megan, Prudence, Kena and Rahim are still here, filled with enthusiasm!  The children are confronted with these strange sounds, new letters of the alphabet, not to forget the very difficult grammar rules. However, they are dealing with them with joy and motivation! "Learning German is easy and difficult. Both. The pronunciation is the most difficult. And there are many difficult words. But it is also easy!"

"Is it true, that there are 1500 types of sausages in Germany?" Along with the language, the students are interested in the civilisation and culture of the country. "Oh, Beethoven was born in Germany!", or "...and Einstein also wrote a German book, didn't he?" "Has Germany ever won the Olympic Games?" There is a lot to learn and to discover. In addition to intensively learning the German language, the 6 students are also joining Class 4 students in Mathematics, P.E. and Art lessons. "This school is aaaawesome!"

6 new scholarship students join the German School Nairobi on the 12th of January 2012

This year too, it was 6 young Kenyans, who successfully completed the requirements of our academic scholarship, and were welcomed to the school on the 12th of January. The 9 - 10 year old students, (4 girls and 2 boys), along with their parents attended the welcoming ceremony in Gymnastics Room of the school, befittingly decorated for the occasion. It was here that they were welcomed both to the school and to a new chapter of their lives.

After a few words of welcome from the Acting Headmaster Mr Baur, students of Class 4 greeted their new classmates with a serenade. Each new scholarship student received some flowers from their respective partner students. Each of the "older" students promised to help the new ones to settle down quickly.

Three of the new students should have no problems in settling down: Megan, Chrystal and Karen already have siblings in the school! But we hope that Rahim, Prudence and Grace will also feel at home with us very quickly. However, there is a big hurdle that needs to be crossed before then: by the end of the academic year, they must intensively learn German! The two most important people for these new students, the Foreign Language German teachers also introduced themselves:  Ms Rode and Ms Stegen. Immediately after the ceremony, the students joined them for their first lesson!

The "new" parents took this opportunity to mingle over coffee and cake in the cafeteria, to get to know each other, other parents, parent representatives and teachers better.

Once again, we wish all our new scholarship students the best of luck and every success in the school!

The Scholarship Students 2011

On January 13th, 2011, six new Kenyan students started their lessons at the German School Nairobi. From January to July, these students will intensively learn German for 20 lessons a week. After the summer break, in August 2011, Anjelia, Lisa, Latasha, Matthew, Wema and John will be integrated into Class 5 and follow normal lessons, which are all taught in German.

Hello Germany - July 2010

I was surely not the only one who was waiting the return of "our Kenyans" with mixed feelings of curiosity and worry! After long planning and preparation, everything was finally ready, and the conditions for the trip to Germany for our boys and girls from Classes 5- 9 seemed almost too ideal: A former teacher from our school had managed to find a host family for each child. It was agreed with the Friedrich-Hecker Gymnasium in Radolfzell that the children could attend their school. They would be picked from Zurich, and the Bodensee and its beautiful environment was waiting to be discovered by the students. Everyone in Germany was looking forward to welcome them. Still, something unpredictable can always happen. Our youngest student was only ten years old; one or the other of the students had never been in a plane before...

But our worries were unfounded: based on the students own comments and the extremely positive feedback we got from the parents, our fifteen students had, without exception, a happy and interesting holiday, perhaps even an unforgettable time in Radolfzell am Bodensee. The three weeks were packed with school and private activities: school excursion to Technorama Science Centre in Switzerland, meeting the Mayor of Radolfzell in the town hall of the city (evidenced by a group photo in the local press!), boat trips, barbecues, swimming and cycling, excursions to nearby and not so nearby areas. The photos of the Castle Neuschwanstein , as well as the Folk Festival in Radolfzell will be kept forever, as will the memories o the perpetual ice in the Swiss mountains - a five hour mountain climb is perhaps not every young man's ideal way of celebrating a 15th birthday. But then, when you see the breathtaking view of snow and ice for the first time in your life, isn't this quite cool?

Naturally new friendships were formed, and last but not least, a lot of German was spoken. In fact, upon request now, a few can even imitate the Swabian dialect!

Regine von Dessauer, Scholarship Programme teacher

Five new students started the Scholarship Programme on 14th January 2010

front row: Celine and Purity
back row: Rachel, Chelsea and Joseph

Parallel Programme for Kenyan Students

At our school almost all academic subjects are taught in German. Students therefore need to have a good knowledge of the German language.  In order to be able to accept non German speaking students not only at Kindergarten level but also later during their school career, the school now offers annually an Intensive German Language Course and Parallel Programme for non German speaking students age nine to eleven.

In November of each year the school tests and selects a limited number of applicants who will then - from January to July of the following year - receive intensive German language instruction, approximately twenty lessons weekly. In addition, they will participate in Mathematics and Sports lessons in Class 4/5. This will allow them to get to know their future Class and help them to feel at home. In the afternoons they receive homework supervision, after which they may participate in one of the extra-curricular activities we offer.

Towards the end of the course we will assess each student's progress. If it is satisfactory, he or she will be allowed to continue at the school in their respective grade when the new school year begins in August.

The new students will now participate in all subjects and be fully integrated in their Class. On three afternoons a week, they will still have classes in German as a Foreign Language. These lessons will continue for two more years, or as long as deemed necessary.

Academic scholarships for highly gifted pupils are available within the framework of this programme.