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Social Counselling

Iris Budde, the School Social Worker at GSN, is offering advice and counselling to students, teachers and parents.

Her duties include the following:


  • Counselling of individual students and student groups
  • Open conversations, extra-curricular activities
  • Participation in lesson based projects and other academic-related work
  • Cooperation with and counselling of teachers and parents
  • Cooperation and networking with the community
  • The following consultations are available currently in Room 35 A


For students:

Mondays until Thursdays, Ms. Budde will be in the school yard at lunch time, and anyone wishing to do so may make an appointment with her.

For conflicts between students there are special consultation hours every Tuesday and Thursday, 5th lesson (11:30 am). 

For Parents:

Wednesday, 15:30 to 17:00 pm or by individual appointment.


Email address:

It is also possible to make an appointment via the reception.