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Open for Enrolment in Kindergarten and School:

We are pleased about your interest in the German School Nairobi. Our school offers a demanding, high-quality education for German as well as foreign-speaking children and for students from our host country Kenya.

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Consultation Hours

For inquiry on consultation hours with the following:

Principal - Sibylle Seite

Head of KiGa - Francianne Allnoch

Head of Primary - Heike Czech & Carolina John

Deputy Head of Administration - Susi Wünsch

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Textbooks and Materials - Primary School


Most of the school books the Primary School children use require them to write in the books. The books are offered as a package to the children and they need not pay for them.

In order to spare both you and us from the unnecessary and tedious process of giving out / returning books that you need or already have from previous students etc., we request you:

·         to fill out the Registration form and

·         to tick what books you will definitely need for your child for the next academic year.


Please send us a completed form by the announced date.

At the beginning of next school year, each child in the Primary School will receive the set of books as indicated on the form sent to the library by the parents.


Parents who are new to the school should also send their filled form to:


Additionally to the textbooks the Classes 1 to 4 need  various materials, which you can mainly purchase at the reception. 

Download - Textbook List Primary School