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We are pleased about your interest in the German School Nairobi. Our school offers a demanding, high-quality education for German as well as foreign-speaking children and for students from our host country Kenya.

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Principal - Sibylle Seite

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Other information and careers’ guidance events

Germany - an attractive place to study.


On the following page from DAAD, you will find information about studying in Germany:

Here you can find answers especially to questions from parents:

and here very practical, 8 steps to Germany:

The following table gives an overview of the various events organised at the school for higher education and careers' guidance over the academic year. Additionally we offer individual counselling to interested students and first practical work experiences.





Careers Evening

One evening, April / May

One evening a year, the school invites various professionals from different fields to inform our students about their careers and areas of operation. Students from Classes 9 - 12 are allowed to participate, and over the course of the evening, students collect information, ask questions and make contacts.

Careers' Guidance week

Every 2 years, for one week in May

Every 2 years, the GSN invites a professional careers' advisor from an Employment Office in Germany. We normally organise 2 events during this week: one for Classes 9 and 10, and the second for Classes 11 and 12. Additionally all the students are given n the opportunity to have individual careers counselling (at no cost) over the course of the week.

University and Careers Orientation Trip to Germany for Class 11

Before the Christmas Holidays

As part of the Class trip concept of the GSN, there is an annual University and Careers Orientation trip to Germany for students of Class 11. The aim of the trip is to prepare students in a very concrete manner for what studying, living and working in Germany entails. As part of their stay, students visit one (or many) universities (higher education guidance, observing lectures), they live with a German family, and in addition to the careers guidance they receive, they participate in various cultural excursions and activities that they prepare in advance in school. Further information on this trip can be found on Class Trips Concept of the GSN.

Presentation from DAAD


Once a year The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) makes a presentation to students of Classes 9 - 12 on studying in Germany.

Subject "Arbeitslehre"


Hauptschule and Realschule students of Classes 6 - 10 who do not do French participate inArbeitslehre lessons, which are timetabled parallel to French lessons(as far as the timetable allows). These lessons aim to introduce them to the world of work in a more practical manner, as opposed to the academic manner of Gymnasium students. They get to know more about important matters in the world of work.


Career Evening 16.05.2019


On the 6th of May the traditional Career-evening took place at the DSN. As always parents, business people and workers from local organisations came to present to the students from grade 8-11 and eventually also answer questions from them. For that we are very thankful.

The careers were diverse, like every other year. The spectrum ranged from foreign office to biology and over to law.

Berrit Kadoch-Lattorff gave the students an impression of a doctors job. Julia Steinhage and Maximilian Decker made the students familiar with the law degree course. The school cook, Florian Kliem, gave insight into “Rund um das Essen” or “around the food”. Travis Heneveld gave a simplified impression of career in sales. The natural sciences were covered by Michel Lattorff, a biologist. Gerald Neumann explained digital humanities. Karen Angler represented the degree political science and public administration. Charlotte Josam gave the interested people a picture of what a  degree in innovation and sustainable development could look like. Mike Wenda and Jörn Fiedler made the students familiar with the occupational field soldier.

We all had a chance to choose three professions. Between the presentations we had a break where we could buy drinks and food from the cafeteria team. After the third lecture the evening was called to an end.

Kamau Njonge

Class 8