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We are pleased about your interest in the German School Nairobi. Our school offers a demanding, high-quality education for German as well as foreign-speaking children and for students from our host country Kenya.

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24.08.20 - First day of school
24.08.20, 10 am - School meeting about ZOOM for classes 1-12, parents and guests
02.09.20 - Enrolment of the 1st graders

Partnership project GSN - Starkids School Nairobi

GSN students at Starkids School

What do they do differently over there? First experiences in a different school environment

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Tuesday morning – Class 11 students purposefully walk from their classroom to the bus, where Mr Busch and the driver Alan are already waiting for them. “Ok, my dear students”, says Mr Busch, “today we have lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths not at the GSN, but at our Kenyan partner school.”

A few looks of certainty, but we all assume our teacher knew what he is doing.


Ms Kimatu, the Headmistress and Mr Masese, the Deputy Headmaster of Star Kids School are expecting us. The bus stops, we get out with expectant looks. We are in Githongoro Slums on the outskirts of Runda in Nairobi. We do not have much time to reflect on this, as there is a warm welcome awaiting us. 

The students from our partner school are also somewhat excited, as they sit with students from the GSN in their classrooms for the first time. The largest classroom is turned into a lecture room, the old wooden desks have been polished till they shine, the blackboard has been given a thorough wash!

We start almost immediately after a short “hello”, as most of us know each other from the last workshop that took place at the GSN. The special thing about today is that the teachers are taking a backseat – the students arethe teachers! 

Mr Busch and Mr Masese have already prepared the Kenyan students about the content of the lessons. The first lesson is Biology, and here we learn the basis of the organs system and the dichotomy of tropical plants. 

In Physics we discuss heat transfer, in Maths we discuss curve sketching and the Chemists teach us the basics of atomic structure and the orbital theory.

Of course we always have the 5 minute break between lessons, used for small talk with our school mates.

All in all, a successful morning, with lots of new experiences: lessons with 40 students in a metal shack with one small window and a narrow wooden door with the tropical sun beating down on the roof, lessons taught in English with a Nairobi dialect, and detailed scientific information.  

Students who are almost as good as our teachers, a warm welcoming atmosphere, a classroom with bare metal and wooden walls, text books that are not enough for every student in the class, pencils and no ink pens, 

a blackboard with holes, cleaned with toilet paper, 

limited amounts of chalk (which is promptly stored away after use), a good learning atmosphere occasionally interrupted by the crowing of chickens, by smoky fumes from the slum and the manual bell-ringing of the House Master.

The four lessons fly past. But there is one more surprise after the last lesson. A small breakfast awaits us under an acacia tree (the only tree on the compound), complete with Kenyan delicacies, tea and coffee, obviously prepared with much care.  

We still have time for a quick look at the school barracks, before we get back on the bus and head for Limuru Road, destination German School Nairobi. 

We would like to thank our teachers, the kitchen ladies and the House Master, not forgetting the students of Star Kids School, who made it possible for us to see experience such a different school day, one we are unlikely to forget! And this, of course, is only the beginning. We will be returning the favour after the Easter Break with the Drug Prevention Day, and the next Biology workshop which will take place at the GSN, once more called “students teach students”, under the motto of Benjamin Franklin who once said:

Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember,

Involve me and I learn!

More photos in our photo gallery

Class 11 Students, GSN

18.11.2015 - Graduation Starkids School

Graduation Ceremony celebrated by the Star Kids School

Photo gallery here

As usual, the Star Kids School held its graduation ceremony for students who have completed wither their KCPE (Kenyan Certificate Primary Education) examinations before the long Kenyan school holidays. 

We were also invited from the GSN to celebrate with them. Ms Sallat represented the parents, ...

... whereas Ms Busch was present on behalf of the teachers. 

After a warm welcome, we were delighted with the celebration, complete with music and dance in true Kenyan style! 

The very smartly dressed students, both the “small” and the “big” ones (Class 4 and Class 8) received their certificates with great pride.

We all agreed that we would continue the co-operation between the two schools after the holidays. New projects are already in the pipeline.

Andrea Busch, Shital Shah

23.01.2015 - Start of the Starkids School project

On Friday, 23rd January 2015, three teachers who are involved in the Experimento project of the Siemens Foundation visited 2 Kenyan schools which will be participating in the second set of workshops at the GSN. 

The 2 schools visited are so-called “village schools”, and contrary to public schools, are not supported in any way by the Kenyan government.

We spoke to the head-teachers about the forthcoming workshops at the GSN. 

Both headmasters showed us around their schools, while we chatted about Kenyan and German School systems. 

It struck us during our conversation with the Headmistress and teachers of the school “Star Kids School” that it has the same concepts as the GSN – however, there is still much to be done in this school, in order to improve the teaching and learning conditions. 

At the end of the visit, we had many ideas of how to plan common projects in the future which would eventually lead to a partnership between the 2 schools.

230 Kenyan children currently attend the Star Kids schools, most of the living in the surrounding villages. 

Some of the children are orphans and live in a small boarding room owned by the school. 

The school has a big Kindergarten, a big Primary School and a few students in the Secondary school. Currently the school is having 3 new rooms built, which will serve as a laboratory, a computer room and a second room for the boarders.

There took place meetings with the Headmistress and some teachers to discuss our co-operation plans, in order to come up with a sustainable project.

The first project will include:

  • common science lab practicals for the students in the Upper Secondary (so that they can further develop their theoretical knowledge through experiments)
  • creation of further science projects on the basis of the Experimento model
  • creation of projects in the KiGa, Primary School and the Lower Secondary School
  • mutual cultural visits

In order to ensure the success of this project, we appeal to all members of the community of the GSN (students, parents, teachers and Board) to support us. The project ideas will be presented to all bodies of the school.

More photos from our visit here.

Ines Sudra, Andrea und Rainer Busch