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World cup

Menu Cafeteria


Crazy Olympics (Kindergarten)

Notenschluss Kl. 5-11, 13.30 Uhr
Final grades for classes 5-11, 13.30 pm

Summer Concert

6. Dienstbesprechung GS 15.45 Uhr
6th Meeting for Primary School teachers 3.45 pm

Zeugniskonferenzen Klasse 5-8, ab 14.00 Uhr
Conference classes 5-8, from 2.00 pm

Zeugniskonferenzen Klasse 9-11, ab 14.00 Uhr
Conference regarding school reports classes 9-11, from 14.00 pm

Zeugniskonferenz Grundschule, ab 14.00 Uhr
Conference regarding Primary School reports, from 14.00pm

Public viewing WM @ Fußball Platz
Public Viewing Football World Cup @ Football Field

Public viewing WM Spiel 16.00 Uhr, Spiel beginnt um 17.00 Uhr @ Fußball Platz
Public Viewing Football World Cup 4.00 PM. Game starts at 5.00 PM @ Football field

End of year staff party

Johannisfeuer 18.30 Uhr GSELC
Johannis celebration 18.30 pm GSELC

School Fees and Enrolment


Welcome at German School Nairobi!

If you want to

  • enrol your child/ your children to the German School Nairobi or
  • know more about our possibilities for guest students
  • schedule an appointment for further information

please contact


Enrolment criteria for the Kindergarten of the GSN

  1. All children between 20 month and 6 years can apply to join the Kindergarten.
  2. There is a waiting list and applicants will be put on after paying the first 100     Euro of the registration fee.
  3. If a place for the child is guaranteed the rest payment of the registration fee is due
  4. Places are allocated after the following criteria:

  • children of German Nationals
  • children with one German speaking parent
  • siblings
  • children from non German speaking families which will send their children to the Primary School of the GSN after learning the German language.
  • Children from non German speaking families

Fees, Forms & Downloads


Fee structure Academic Year 2017/2018
Overview of all fees for kindergarten, school, boarding house, school bus and lunch
286 kB

For enrolment please complete and submit:

  • registration form and
  • the student health form
  • the last two school reports of your child(ren)

School Fee Discount

Families with several children, or families with a low income may apply to the school board for a reduction in school fees (Class 1-12). The discount will be dependent on parental income and their financial situation. Please fill out the following Excel Spreadsheet on school fee reduction, and send the digital copy to our Head of Administration.

Attention "Seiteneinsteiger"

There is no school fee reduction available for our special program for non-German speaking students, primary school, grade 1 to 4.