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Project Week 2018

The Project Week takes place at the German School Nairobi every two years. This April, students participated in many different projects from a colourful range of options on the topic of health.

Among them were First Aid, healthy eating, movement, games, and music. The results of the week were presented to parents and guests as part of the Open Day on the 21st of April 2018.

From the 16th – 20th of April 2018, project group leaders had one important goal: to make the students aware of leading a healthy life style. Students learnt a lot in this week, hopefully something they will find useful in the future, too.

Theme: The plastic curse

This project is personally something I would have loved to do. The problem of plastic and recycling is something very present globally.

Ms. Moßmann aims to raise awareness of all problems plastic causes to our nutrition: Fish consume plastic and we eat them, so we all have traces of plastic in our bodies.

We, human beings tend to produce and manufacture more plastic than we need and then dispose of it irresponsible.

She also aims to show that recycling plastic can be a very effective and a quite creative solution to our plastic problem.

The students are creating fish, which can be interpreted in many ways. They are making something beautiful out of something ugly.

Theme: Health with all senses

Our visit to this project showed a lot of initiative from children from classes 1-4. 

They were very eager to explain everything they had done. “Up until now we have played a lot of games. Indoor games and obstacles courses are what we do. We can show you some…” said Mr. Pattar.

The kids enthusiastically showed us some of the games they have played and said that they love the project. They said they like the outdoor games the most, the most popular being the cat and mouse game.

The aim of the project for Mr. Pattar is to show the kids that they can have fun together and that happiness and fun is an important attribute of good health.

Theme: Enhancing Health through sports

We walk up to the basketball court and find about 20 students jogging. We ask the teacher about his project and he says that the idea behind it is fitness, and that fitness does not only mean exercising.

One needs to eat well and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The students have developed a daily morning routine that will help the prevention of injuries throughout the day.

They exercise to develop their body mass and build more muscle. This is not only achieved through cardio work-outs and toning.

The students also get to play games and through these games and exercises, they hope to get a better understanding of the human body and what exercise stimulates what muscle.

By the end of the project the students should have some knowledge about fitness and should be able to teach others about it.

Theme: Successful through Sports

“I chose this project, as I love sports and would choose it again, if given the opportunity, because the project is packed with activities,” stated one participant of this project. 

Up until today, the students of this project have rock-climbed, swum, slack-lined and even played Frisbee. The teacher says that they still have more activities planned for the rest of the week.

Mr. Kohl, having done a similar project before, had a very clear idea about how to structure his project and how to convey his idea. “The aim of the project is movement, sport and to find fun in fitness,” explained Mr. Kohl.

He wants his students to learn that competition is not always the decisive factor but rather having fun is the most important thing.

After this project his students will be able to understand the rules behind all games, these being: fairness, discipline, strongly representing one’s opinion and lastly, communication.

Theme: Cooking and Puzzling

The aim of this project is for the student to work on their concentration level and communication skills by doing puzzles, playing board games, cooking and eating healthy food together.

Mr. Fanenbruck cleverly combined these two topics by giving his project “a global touch”. Every day the participants cook food fromcertain regions,from different continents and combine it with a 5000 piece world puzzle.

The group does the puzzle and plays games at the intern house, while the cooking is done at Mr.Fanenbrucks home for a better and cosier setting.

“We not only chose different continents everyday, we also have small groups within the group and we rotate so everyone can do a little of everything,” mentioned the teacher.

By the end of project the teacher hopes to pass on the message that there are different ways of interpreting the message health and that for him it means healthy nutrition and fun.

Theme: Coffee as a stimulant

The research of the coffee plant plays a big role in History, Biology, Chemistry, as well as in Nutrition and Health.This topic is all the more interesting and easy to tackle practically, because Kenya is a coffee producing country and access to coffee for experiments is quite easy.

The goal of Mr. Busch is to make his students aware of all the types of coffee and what they does to your body and mind. To achieve this, the students do practical experiments like analyzing blossoms for caffeine etc., for which they will write a report or even make a poster.

To stimulate(not with coffee!) his students and keep them interested, Mr. Busch planned a trip to a coffee plantation and a workshop with the Starkids students.

”I like the fact that I am learning new and complex facts about something as simple as coffee. The things that I learn in this project now will definitely come in handy. I will have an unfair advantage in class and that is what excites me the most,” said a class 9 student.

The co-project leader Ms. Kühne also offers a constant supply of snacks for all the students.

Theme: First Aid

Something that will always be useful in our day to day life is First Aid and what better way to learn it than at a young age?

This was the idea behind the planning of this project and that is why it intrigued the teachers and the students. “I chose this because I think that it will be very useful when my friends are hurt or even when I’m older.” explained one of the students.

At first the teacher was worried that First Aid methods learnt would not be extensive enough, but after extensive research she found out that there are, in fact, many ways to go about teaching First Aid.

The project is packed with a lot of information, but there is a lot of practical work to help the students make sense of the theory.

“Yesterday we went to Gertrude’s hospital, where we learned how to use a band aid, what to do when someone has a nose bleed, and even what a concussion is and what to do if you fear you have one.

I am having a lot of fun in this project and would definitely choose it again if given the chance.” stated another student.

The teacher hopes that by the end of the project week all her students will be able to act quickly in difficult situations and help others when needed.

Theme: Spread health

“We wish to share health and health tips with everyone around us,” disclosed one of the project leaders.


This is why they decided to work with some students of the Star Kids School.

Mrs. Sudra’s idea was to show and spread the idea that health entails sleep, food and hygiene. The children thus learn how to recycle creatively and also how to be advocates of good health.

The students have been to town, to Mrs. Sudra’s Home and they will be visiting an elderly home tomorrow to share their health tips and in turn learn from the home.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of health to people even outside of school.

Theme: Our senses

Our project week begins with this week. One of many projects offered is called “the five senses“.

“I like this project because if one is planning to become a doctor in the future it could come in handy and I like learning about the senses“, said one participant of the project.

The main aim of this project is to achieve awareness of all the senses. This is achieved through maintaining constant interest in the project by teaching theory via games and practical experiments.

This strategy is clearly working as the students sound and look happy . “We started with a game and a film and the game was a lot of fun.“, explained another student.

“The motto of the project week inspired us and after that the planning went smoothly. From the start, we were very excited about the idea because we felt that they were many interesting ways to present the project“, said the teacher in charge.

Theme: Music = Health

We searched for this project group, only to find them seated together listening to music, conversing and writing down lyrics on the round table in the pavilion. 

“This project is about figuring out what music has to do with health and the students of this project will have to discover that by themselves without any guidelines.” explained the project leader.

The aim of this project is to discover health in music by being creative in writing down songs, making music and just talking.

This will hopefully allow the students express themselves freely and therefore find themselves and their voices in the music that they will create by the end of the project.

When asked about the project and what they think about it, one student answered, “music is home to me and this is why I am comfortable in this project.

” Another student stated that music brings out what is inside all of them, so by the end of the project they will get to know their fellow participants much better.

Theme: Mens sana in corpora sana

The project „ mens sana in corpora sana“, unlike other projects, takes place in a location outside the school compound, namely in a monastery in Tigoni.

Here the students are working in pairs of two and have been assigned different tasks by the monks.

The tasks include: preparing meals, milking cows, planting food, harvesting tea and many more. The students are learning self-sufficiency and a life away from our dependence on technology.

The aim for this project is for the students to experience the lifestyle of the monks.

They are supposed to learn how to live in the moment, meant to appreciate what they have and connect more to their inner selves.

Theme: Healthy and Alert

“What is health?” is what all the students of this project were asked upon arrival. 

This question has many answers and base on how the project is structured, the students should be able to answer this question by the end of the week.

“The idea is to make the students aware of what is healthy and what is not,” explained the teacher of this project.

For her it was important to include all the necessary and creative subjects like music, art, sports etc. and not only stay on one thing the entire time, because their students are quite young and they need to be kept interested and excited.

“Yesterday, we made fruit salads, played a lot of games and today we are drawing and colouring.”, said a very excited student and when asked if they would choose this project again, the was a definite yes, as the project was so much fun!

By the end of the week the teachers of the project hope to have educated all the students that they need to take care of themselves by staying healthy and at least to have given them some insight into how they can achieve this.

Theme: Health through Sport

The project “Health through Sport“ teaches the sport Flag-Football in depth. This is an alternative type of Football. 

The aim of the project is that the students learn to be responsible, in that they are able to be referee and to distance themselves from the supervision of the teacher.

Ms. Fixsen-Zahn wants to teach her students that this type of sport is universal and everyone has an opportunity to find their individual positions in the game and thereby play effectively as a team.

The students seem to be enjoying the project very much. They are happy to be physically active and they hope that they will be able to play this game during their free-time by the end of the week.

The Project combines Fitness and Fun and shows students how important sport is for the body.

Theme: When Doctors used coins to close skulls

Medical science and Medicine as we know it has taken a long time to evolve into what it is today. 

To give students an insight into the historical background of Medicine and Medical Science, the history teachers of this school came together and offered this project with the ai of giving students an understanding  of the four eras involved.

The project began today with an introduction to the classical antiquity. The teachers have a balance between the theoretical part and practical part and this truly motivates the students.

“I like this project and would chose it again, given the chance, because we work creatively and do things by ourselves.“, explained one student.

The teachers think that if theparlticipants actually create what they are learning about, it will make it easier for them to understand the history of Medicine and how it has developed since.

By the end of the project, the students will get to test their creativity by imagining what the future of medical science will be like.