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We, the parents, want to say Thank You

Date 08/12/2016

On Monday, December 5th we (Barbara Brüderle and Sandra Sallat) met for a jolly ‘Pack the Christmas Bag’ morning. Unfortunately two of our co-packers Severine Heneveld and Karen Hoyer who would have loved to join in the fun did not make it due to sickness and meetings.

There were mountains of flour, rice, sugar, salt, butter, cacao, tea and cookies waiting for us to be packed into 50 bags. Two hours later our car was filled to the ceiling.

On December 6th, the official St. Nikolaus day in Germany, our Christmas car made its way to school to deliver the Christmas bags. Karen Hoyer and Sandra Sallat on behalf of all school parents presented the bags to all our Askaris

as well as our bus drivers, gardeners, cleaning personnel, cooks and other support staff. Everyone was very joyful and asked us to thank the parents for this token of appreciation. We heard again and again:” Thank you for remembering us.” with beaming faces.

As Parents’GeneralCommittee we want to THANK our parents for the money donations we received to make these Christmas presents possible.

At 1:05 p.m. members of the Parents’GeneralCommittee (Susi Wünsch, Kim Bhari, Ernst Tenambergen, Karen Hoyer and Sandra Sallat; Primary and Secondary School only) welcomed teachers and admin staff to the small gym hall for a contemplative St. Nikolaus lunch.

To show that we are aware of the good work teachers do every day, parents’ representatives prepared a rich buffet which proved to be a culinary trip around the world. It was highly appreciated by teachers and admin staff alike. A big THANK YOU on their behalf to those fabulous cooks and bakers. Especially our new teachers were positively surprised by this small notion. At the end of the lunch each and everyone received a little St. Nikolaus on top of an African animal.

More photos here.

The Parents’GeneralCommittee wishes a peaceful and merry Christmas time to all parents, teachers and school employees.