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Our class trip to Savage Wilderness ( Sagana)

Date 13/01/2017

On Tuesday the 29th of November, we got on to the Savage bus at around 8 o’clock. We then started our journey. On the way we shared laughs, talked and listened to music. We were all full of joy and excitement. After around two hours, the road got bumpy and that was when we knew we were about to reach camp. Immediately we stepped foot on camp territory the first thing we got of course were… rules. 

But after a small discussion with our guide Nick, we got to go to our rooms and settle in. Before we had lunch we played a few team building games that were very interesting and fun. It included running though, something I’m sure a few of us don’t really enjoy.

The first day ended with us playing a night activity that was unforgettable. We had to walk outside of camp without any torches and try to find our way back with only a rope that was tied to trees. I don’t want to be the spoiler and say what really happens just in case one of you decides to visit the camp but just a tip… don’t believe everything they say.

The next morning we were all tired as usual but never the less we woke up because we didn’t want to miss breakfast. Nick then told us the plan for the day ahead of us and our first activity was Rock climbing. We got on a bus and drove about 20 minutes from camp and once we stopped in the middle of a small village, we had to walk to where the activity would be taking place. There, we were shown how to put on the gear and after it was time for a pretty challenging task. It wasn’t easy but the scenery at the end was worth the struggle. It was breathtaking. Time flew and it was time to get back to camp and have lunch…..       

In the afternoon we got ready for what we knew was going to be the trip of our lives, white water rafting. We had to wear things that we wouldn’t mind getting wet plus a helmet and a life vest. Our guide explained to us how we should sit, the types of paddles and how in the big rapids we should get down in the paddleboat. First there was a test rapid that was not that big for training, but that wasn’t what we thought. Slowly we got to know how small that rapid was. On the first big rapid, our boat overturned in was the scariest thing some of us ever experienced. But what we found more interesting was that in the much more dangerous rapids nothing happened. At some point we even had to swim. We arrived at camp super wet, took out paddleboats to the reception and retired to our rooms for a hot shower and some dry clothes.  After this we headed to the dining area had our meal and played a game. For this game we were split into teams with another school. It was a trivia game which we enjoyed tremendously. The next morning before breakfast we packed our bags so that after we could do our day’s activities then leave. For that day we had archery and zip lining as activities. Both of them were great. At archery we were taught how to hold a bow and arrow and how to shoot the arrow.


Zip lining was just a fun activity. 

Across the river we went then to our rooms to pick up our bags to come home. We were sad  to leave because it was an unforgettable trip.

Moro photos hier.

Sandra, Wangui, Naomi, Awino

Class 7

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