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Our class trip to Lukenya - Class 6

Date 20/01/2017

On the 29.11.2016 we drove to Lukenya with a school bus. It was a two hour drive to there. In the bus we were singing , playing games and eating snacks. When we arrived we checked into our rooms and started with the activities. We did activities like ball games, the high ropes, out and concentration games.

We got breaks, where we drank tea or hot Chocolate with some cake or sandwiches. During lunchtime we had burgers with French fries and later we played billiard.

Then we had the last activities of the day and went swimming in the pool. At 6pm the pool was closed, so we went to our rooms and got ready for dinner. The dinner was amazing, only there were bugs flying every where. Some got into some peoples food. After dinner we had 'secret' parties. At the parties we played some games. At ten o'clock we had to be in bed. The next day we went to breakfast at 8am. They had nice food that everybody enjoyed.

At 9am we started with the team building activities. In the afternoon we went to the high ropes. At the high ropes people pull you very high up in the air and swing around. That was a lot of fun! 

After that we went to the pool again.

After dinner we had a little campfire and went for a night walk. We walked next to a fence. The Guide told us that beyond that fence there were lions, hyaenas and other wild animals. That was very scary for most of us.

After that we went to bed and  we didn't get to have another secret party night. The next morning we packed up and got ready to leave, but we all didn't want to leave. But we had to. Before we left, we got a soft drink of our choice. The trip back to Nairobi was the almost same as we came, only we were all tired!

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