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Class 11 - Our trip to Germany

Date 27/03/2017

This school year, we, the class 11, embarked on a 2 week trip to Germany to discover our options after the Abitur. 

We started our trip in Brakel, which is a small town located in North-Rhine Westphalia, the home state of our partner school. Our partner School, Berufskolleg Höxter, gave us a warm welcome upon arrival and distributed us to different guest families in  the whole area.

The next ten days we spent visiting enterprises, such as a mechanical engineering company ...

... and an industrial bakery.

Obviously we also wanted to discover Germany, we visited museums and went sight seeing in the famous city Münster. Most of us weren't used to Germany's harsh climate in the winter and we always felt cold, a lot of us even fell sick. However this did not stop us from having fun.

A memory we cherish was our time in the Techlab, we spent the day simulating the workings of a real life company. After being split up into different departments (Design, Research, Finance, Communications and Engineering) we worked together to create our own product, a phone-stand, which we were also allowed to take home.

After two weeks in the city of Brakel, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful scenery ...

After two weeks in the city of Brakel, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful scenery and the incredibly nice people. We continued our trip in Heidelberg, a German city, which is well known for its great university. 

Our days in Heidelberg were filled with University lectures and we finally received insight into the day to day uni life in Germany. To be in proper lectures for the first time was very exciting and, of course, educational.

Especially sitting in the science lectures we realized how big the difference between high-school and university is. The second last day of our trip we spent in the city of Karlsruhe and in the KIT, the technical University of Karlsruhe. We had the chance to individually visit different lectures and explore our own interests.

After we received a tour of the architectural faculty from two students of the university, the difference between technical and artistic majors became very apparent to us.

In the end of our trip we we did not only know what we wanted to study, but were more educated about the different paths we could choose after our abitur. With a lot of nice memories ...

... and a better idea of what we want to do in the future, we flew back to Nairobi and were happy to return to our families and the warm weather.


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