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Chemistry Or Not To Be

Date 15/05/2017

The title is not just an ordinary statement. It is a statement that can be proven, because every metabolism process in our body is induced by chemical reactions. We, the grade 12, also had thoughts about this assertion. We thought: - Before we leave, we should show our “offspring”, what we have learned in the countless chemistry lessons we have had -. This led to the “older ones” inviting the “older ones of the primary school” to the chemistry show. 

We discussed back and forth, how to introduce the students of grade four into the mysterious and exciting world of chemistry. Our mane idea was to introduce them into a chemistry class that is unique in its own way. 

So all we had to do was simplify our whole chemistry knowledge. Next thing you know, we created the story of “Princess Chemicalia”, who tried to find true love in her kingdom. In the next paragraph we welcome you to read the story:

The Fate of Princess Chemicalia

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Chemicalia. Her father, King Fluorine of Chemistry land, thought it was about time her daughter would say her vows to a man that loved, cared and cherished her to infinity.

However, this man could not just be an ordinary man. No! No! This man had to be brilliant and brave and most important he had to make her smile and laugh. What can you say… he was looking out for his only daughter and he wanted only the best for his “precious diamond”. 

He suddenly came to the conclusion to ask his best friend, the Sorcerer of the palace, for help. Indeed the Sorcerer had a plan.

All chemists, who were brave, were to come to the palace “Argon” and sign up with a love poem. These love pomes had a spell on them, which made the words disappear! Chemicalia’s duty was to analyze and find the magnificent poem among all the poems.  

After all the careful inspection of the poems she finally said to the chemists: “ Men! Be clever! Let the games begin”. The opening ceremony was lit up with magical sparklers.

In their first task, the men had to light up a Bengali Fire. Princess Chemicalia’s duty was to sort out the prettiest flame. However the chemist, who had the ugliest flame or none was disqualified from the games. 

Blue, yellow and red flames danced in the room, creating a beautiful sight to watch.

But…there was a problem. A big one in fact! The Sorcerer discovered something terrible. Covered by the almost extinguished flames he mumbled to himself: “ I have an awful suspicion! One of these men is a deceiver! A trickster! Someone, who is definitely not suited for our Princess!” The Sorcerer had no choice but to find this swindler immediately and quick.

To catch this trickster he insisted on another test. This test was called “ Fire through Water”

The Sorcerer’s assumptions were correct! It turned out that there was were two tricksters participating in the games!

When Princess Chemicalia heard about this, she was furious! Something like this was unacceptable in Chemistry land. She insisted the Sorcerer to investigate more. The Sorcerer agreed.

The next test was called “Indicators”. In preparation of this test he danced and said his extraordinary spells out loud. He announced: “ In this experiment there are three outcomes. If the liquids turn red or blue then you shall leave the palace instantly. However…If the liquid remains “see-through” then you shall stay.”

King Fluorine was not satisfied…yet. He needed to be a one hundred and twenty percent sure! After all, the winner of the games would become his son-in-law. King Fluorine put a glass on the table and demanded the participants to surprise him with a spectacle he had never seen before. Of course they all accepted the challenge. Any one, who could not fulfill his wishes, was sent to the dungeon. 

The day was coming to an end. The sky changed its colors from the deepest orange to a beautiful purple, creating a beauty of Mother Nature to watch. The last test was assigned.  The remaining chemists were to erupt a volcano. Only the smartest man could do this. 

Three chemists passed this test.

Finally the last test was introduced. Even though all of the chemists were so handsome she had to pick one! As the smoke from this test disappeared she saw that there were two chemists remaining, who would trade anything to marry her.

It was now or never… the time had arrived to pick here future husband: Which Chemist should she pick? Three days and nights passed. Her thoughts were going in circles. After a lot of thinking she had a decision: *dramatic pause*

She wanted none of them!

She most certainly did not need a man to be happy. She wanted a proper education. She was tired of sitting around and doing nothing. Later that day the Sorcerer gladly accepted her as his student.

To say the least, King Fluourine was shocked. But he was so proud of his “precious diamond”. He sent all the chemists with an apologetic look home and decided that Chemicalia should rule the kingdom “Chemistry land” on her own.

After an hour of enchantment, magic and smoke…everyone, even the “bigger ones” of the primary school thought the same thing:

“Wow”-It’s amazing what the “students we look up to ” have learned (We, the 12th graders were deeply touched by this. It meant a lot to us to hear this from so many people)

Now Mr. Busch is proud to say that he has so many “offspring”, who are wiling to study chemistry later in life! “Mr. Simon, could we please take turns to try out the cool experiments!?” could be heard in the chemistry room. (Beads of sweat started to form on Mr. Simon’s forehead!)

This unforgettable experience must be repeated! Besides…we want to know the epilogue of the story, right?

I would very much like to thank our seniors in this school, who presented the experiments to the younger ones with a lot of enthusiasm. Not only did they know and use the knowledge of countless chemistry lessons they were taught with, but they also managed to motivate the younger ones. Soon they too ,will carry out in the secondary education experiments in the field of biology, chemistry and physics.

More photos hier.

Rainer Busch

Acting Headmaster

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