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Paying a visit to the German Embassy - a class 10 excursion

Date 13/06/2017

The 23rd of May was the day the Class 10 had the opportunity to visit the German Embassy for a day. After a stern Security Check at the entrance, we were escorted to a room that had a long table with water and gummy bears waiting for us.

After we took pictures and had a short introduction round with Mr. Koppel, we were then shown a short, educational documentary. It gave us insight on the enormous responsibility the embassy and its officials take on. Thereafter, we were then told that we would have 30-minute interviews with different workers from diverse fields.

To start off the short presentation, we spoke to the person responsible for the foreign affairs of the embassy with other countries, and more importantly - Kenya and Germany’s.

Becky and Thomas were the trainees we spoke to afterwards. They explained the advantages of taking on a career in an embassy, emphasizing the bliss of travelling all over the world.

As per the military cooperation of Germany and East Africa - especially Kenya’s, the security department is the section that is responsible. In the case of international felonies, that is the Federal Criminal Police Officer’s territory. We were lucky to have had the chance to speak to officers from both departments.

The last staff member we spoke to was Mrs. Reising, an adviser within the law and consular section. Everything that has to do with Germans in Kenya and Kenyans who wish to go to Germany, is her first priority.

Before we set ourselves up to the trip back to school, we were shown around the building, sneaking a peek into the medical section of the embassy.

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