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First Day at School for Class 1 pupils

Date 24/08/2017

9.30 a.m., German School Nairobi. More and more people were making their way to the Sports Hall. 22 Class 1 pupils could barely carry their overflowing Schultüten, needless to mention the heavy school bags. Parents, sometimes even grannies and grandpas, friends and relatives accompanied the children. Some of the kids were somewhat anxious, others simply curious. Pupils of Classes 2, 3 and 4 were already waiting for their new friends in the hall.

Pre-School children were there too, to be able to see what awaits them next year. The stage was decorated with pictures of lions, as this class’ mascot will be the lion! Everything was in place for the ceremony to begin. The Primary school choir warmly welcomed all the guests, our new Principal Ms Seite greeted the new children along with their parents. She brought a book for them, as well as a map of Germany for them to colour. The Head of the Primary School, at the same time the class teacher of Class 1, Hans Pattar is also new to the school. He had his mouse Mimi with him. Mimi was scared of everything new, but had a lot of things with her that are important for a first day at school: good friends, a healthy snack, pencils, games and a book. The guests were then able to hear what happens when a lion goes to school, or even when chives go to school! 

And then came the play that everyone was looking forward to: “The small bear’s and the tiger’s first day at school.” Under the guidance of Ms Möller-Christensen, pupils from classes 3 – 5 had put in a lot of effort in putting together a play with music and exciting stories. And finally, Ms Hoyer, the parents’ representatives and Mr Loose, a member of the school board addressed the guests.

And then the official part of the ceremony began. Each child was called up on the stage, received a lion sign and a sunflower. For the first time, the pupils stood together as a class on the stage. The school choir once again entertained the guests, as the parents accompanied their children to their new classroom. As the children found there seats in the classroom, parents were invited to the cafeteria, where parents of class 2 pupils had organised cake and coffee. Parents used this time to write wishes for their kids for their first day in school. 
Meanwhile, in the classroom, the children were allowed to unpack the Schultüten, exclaiming surprise at the items they found in it, ranging from apples to little presents, pencils and sweets. The first lesson was over in a flash, and both parents and children met in the cafeteria. The wishes the parents had written for their children were tied to balloons. With much excitement, each child received a balloon and then the countdown began. As the number zero was called, the balloons were released; some flew up, up and away, others preferred to hang around on the school grounds. No matter where the balloons ended up, we are all convinced of one thing: every wish the parents made for their child will come true!
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