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Date 28/09/2017

On the 28th September 2017, two professors of a South African university named “Varsity College” visited the German School Nairobi to give the students from classes 11 and 12 a presentation on how to apply to said university and which qualifications one must have to pass the entrance exam. They moved on to tell us about the different courses offered in Varsity College and also which activities are offered. Towards the end the students were allowed to ask the professors questions depending on their interests.

The two professors were very funny and adapted well to the style of language of the students. This of course led to the students being fully concentrated and able to completely understand the focal points of the presentation. The visitors answered the questions asked by the students in detail and the students were satisfied with the responses. They later on gave out booklets about the university and pens with the university logo, which led to them receiving an even bigger applause from the impressed students.

An important piece of information that shocked many students was that only around 200 applicants out of an estimated 5000 are admitted in universities for each course. However, Varsity College has many campuses over South Africa and can admit more students.

Celine Mwaura, Kl. 12

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