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Sportsday 2017

Date 22/11/2017

On the 12th of October 2017 our yearly sports day took place. At 8:00 all students assembled on the sports field, to start the day off with an aerobics warm-up. After an exhausting, yet motivating, warm-up session, we all started the sports day full of excitement. 

Each student participated in at least three different athletic activities: sprint or long-distance running, throwing and jumping. All participants were looking forward to see their results, since they practiced these disciplines in the sports lessons leading to this day. Many students set their own goals, for example to beat their personal best time or to be awarded best girl/boy. Despite the competition, the annual sports day managed to unite students of all classes and enhance the school spirit. Students cheered for their classmates, ran besides their siblings and made new connections with other students. As always, the most exciting part of the day was the relay race. Every class wanted to win, in order to obtain the title as “sportiest class”. After hard competition, Class 12 managed to outrun the other classes and win the race, a nice end to the day, as this was the last sports day for the students of class 12.  Afterwards, the students, parents and teachers, competed in another relay race. The students won, followed by the parents and teachers. By the end of the sports day everyone was exhausted, students as well as teachers. Now everyone sat along the sides of the race fields and were excited to listen to Mrs Fixsen-Zahn and Mrs Seite, who handed out the awards. After the award ceremony, everyone went their separate ways, to resume with normal lessons on the next day. The sports day was a complete success and even though it might be over, the memories will remain. 

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