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Ultimate frisbee and high ropes

Date 25/01/2018

On Wednesday 17/1/18 and Thursday 18/1/18 Mr. Kohl, Ms. Fixsen-Zahn and Ms. Budde led a programme for those students of class 7-9 who didn't join the EAMUN conferences.

On Wednesday we played ultimate frisbee. Classes 7-9 were separated into two teams. It was so funny to watch them trying to play! We played this game till the lunchtime. After we run all the way to the other end of the school to the swimming pool. Mr. Kohl made up for it by setting up a couple of slacklines. The first one was parallel to the pool and the second was set up over the pool. Some of us had fun in the pool and some used the slackline to practice for what was to come on Thursday!

On Thursday morning we all waited for the bus that was to take us to a place called Tigoni. Finally after 1 hour we arrived and were greeted by the people from Bluesky adventure company. We followed them to field where we warmed up with a couple of games. After about an hour we went to a different location where the high ropes were. The high ropes were at least 4 meters high! It was lucky that we had our safety harnesses on! We practiced balancing on the lines for at least 2 hours. After we said our good-bye, we got into the bus and headed for home.

We had a wonderful couple of days and learned a lot. Thank you to all the teachers and Bluesky for organising everything.

Ylvi Renckstorf-Hayden, Class 7

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