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MSMUN-Conference, 16.1. 2018 - 19.1.2018: Nilikuja, niliona, nilitenda: I came, I saw, I acted.

Date 05/02/2018

This was this year’s MSMUN theme.The week’s goal was to accomplish three things:  meet new people, observe, and thenact by contributing to the debate.

I am happy to say, that I have accomplished all of them. But this year was so much more different than what I expected. This year, I threw myself into the debate and spoke as much as the chair allowed me to. Believe me when I say that even though it was my third year in MSMUN, every time I raised my placard that sense of nervousness and excitement kept creeping up into my stomach.

I was generally so excited about waking up in the morning and being able to try and make this world a tiny little bit better. I worked so hard every evening for the next day’s conference and all that hard work paid off. I tried my best to make everything work. In the process I met many new people, some from countries such as Tanzania, and many people of other schools. MSMUN is a great opportunity to interact with many people and to agree or even disagree on things that were happening around the world.

Day after day, we as a great school entered the UN with such a great attitude. I am very impressed and proud of every single student who had the courage of joining this great event. Even the ones who were doing their first year, did so incredibly well. Every hour we slept less, every hour that we used to prepare for the conferences, paid off: 5 awards! This is the best our school has ever done, we have won all three things that you could possibly win. Best Resolution, Best Delegate and Best Speaker.

I want to specially thank Mrs. Shah and Mr. Fanenbruck for all their work they have put in MSMUN. I will never be able to forget all the fun we had that week, including the party.

So, if you’re wondering if you want to join MUN, don’t think twice. It is something that you will never forget and always be proud of.

Claudia Morell Kessler (Best Delegate, Best resolution, Ecology Committee)

This year was the most exhilarating out of the 3 years I have participated in MSMUN.I interacted with people I had never met before from different schools and ended up achieving my goal of becoming one of the best speakers in my committee. I learnt how to engage others in a diplomatic manner, how to criticize resolutions objectively and how to showcase my opinion. I would encourage everyone to participate, because you get to improve your vocabulary and actually see how much work is put into the conferences in the real world especially in the Security Council.

Also part of the MUN being in Kenya means you get the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the conference in one of the major UN headquarters; you get to be on a platform where real diplomats in the real world of the UN try and make a difference to our world.

MUN will be something that will impact my life in the way I think and the way I reason. I would thus like to give thanks to Mrs Shah and Mr Fanenbruck and my family for the support they gave me and for making my dream come true.

Daniel Wandere (Best speaker, Security Council)


If I was to describe MSMUN with one word, I doubt I would be able to. Countless positive words come to mind. One thing I do know is that it is definitely that push a baby bird gets from the nest in order to learn how to fly, as it helps you step out of your comfort zone. It was also an eye opener, as I got to see how one of the many aspects at the UN works, which is of course the debates.

All in all, it is the one week I look forward to every single year.

Sandra Juma Delegate, Human Rights Committee

Again we are very proud to have that dedicated students, so that we could bring another 5 awards to German School Nairobi:

Stephanie Schnedl: Best Resolution, Security Council

Daniel Wandere- Best speaker, Security Council,

Christoph Kühne- Best speaker Technology Committee

Claudia Morell Kessler- Best Speaker AND Best resolution, Ecology Committee!



Shital Shah, Marcus Fanenbruck, MUN Coordinators

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