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Date 09/02/2018

On Friday, 09.02.2018, the GSN Teachers College met for the Pedagogical Day the second time this week for 1.5 hours. It was prepared, carried out and followed up by the Inclusion Group (Ms. Seite, E. Budke, I. Budde , F. Kohl, L. Wehmann, Ch. Möller-Christensen). 

Involved were also all the kindergarten teachers and assistants. The topic was "Inclusion".

Ms. Seite greeted everyone with a speech in which she drew attention to the differences that characterize us as colleagues in our cooperation as well as in our common work. 

E.Budke and Ch.Möller-Christensen led the "warm-up phase" during which all participants formed small groups in predetermined rope circles according to their predetermined inclinations and abilities. Afterwards the rope circles were opened and connected to a large circle including all. In the movement with and against each other, everyone could come into close contact with many others.

Afterwards E. Budke and Ch. Möller-Christensen gave a short statement on the question "What is Inclusion?". They referred to sociological and pedagogical aspects as well as to the principles of aim-differential Inclusive education at German schools abroad. (Decision of the Bund-Länder Committee on School Work Abroad of September 2017.

Thereupon all the participants divided in discussion groups on given theses on the topic "Inclusion". Important things were written down and then presented in the plenum. There were critical but also confident statements.

The event concluded with the outlook of Ms. Seite on the penultimate week in February where Dr. Peters (Process Facilitator, Cairo) is going to visit the GSN and offers the possibility to think further about including work at GSN.


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