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MT Kenya - Class 8 trip

Date 07/03/2018

From the time we got off the Savage bus on Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018 which was our final day, Mt. Kenya was one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences of our lives. Even in the cold nights or the early mornings, we were each other’s support systems throughout.

We had several memorable moments at every camp and during every walk. Not to forget the songs we sang on the way, the endless talks and games with our Guides and so much more made the trip enjoyable.

Mornings on the mountain, although cold, were filled with wake up calls, packing and jokes while having breakfast. Our daily hikes were sometimes very challenging but at the end of the day we always had something to look forward to: a hearty meal. If we got to camp early we were advised not to sleep so we kept ourselves busy with swimming in rivers and lakes and destroying friendships with Ludo (Mensch ärgere dich nicht).  

Nights on the mountain were extremely cold. To even get the slightest glimpse of warmth we had to crouch into one tent and to keep our minds off the biting cold we were playing board games or reading books. We missed our showers, beds, families and friends but we tried to see the good in the situation which wasn’t that hard to do.

The 3rd night was by far the hardest, coldest and most extreme. At 2 o´clock in the morning under a sky full of stars, we embarked on our walk towards the summit with half the group and even though some may have turned around, we all reached the summit in our own books.

All in all we concluded that we had a great time and we truly cherished the 5 days on Mt.Kenya.

Awino Ollows, Sandra Juma, Johannes Budke -Class 8

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