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The workshop of the little gnomes / Heinzelmen

Date 07/03/2018

Some of us know of the Heinzelmen, a legend we remember from our childhoods.
They are said to have done all the work of the citizens during the night, although they never revealed themselves.

These silent helpers can be traced in every organism as well! In secrecy, they are to be found in every cell, are organized and regulate each and every process of a “living” thing.
We call these little helpers “enzymes”, and this was exactly what was the topic of our latest workshops.

30 students with 15 from both the Star Kids School and year 11 students from our school came together in the chemistry lab, to research on exactly this. Actual topics covered in the curriculum were put to practice in 5 different groups, each having different thematic priorities. Together, we examined the enzymes observed in the digestive system, specifically in the liver and the kidneys.

With the new microscope, which is equipped with a camera and I-Pad, and the capability to connect to a computer we can look into the cells, and had a refined view of all the components and colors of the microcosm.

Goethe’s “Faust” would say, now I know what holds the world together, at its most inner core. All owing to the school administration and the board, for supplying the school with such technological advances!

The young scientists worked diligently and uninterrupted, with exception of the short breakfast everyone had together. (Although it admittedly was a source of energy for the rest of the day!)

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