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Project Week, Theme: First Aid

Date 18/04/2018

Something that will always be useful in our day to day life is First Aid and what better way to learn it than at a young age?

This was the idea behind the planning of this project and that is why it intrigued the teachers and the students. “I chose this because I think that it will be very useful when my friends are hurt or even when I’m older.” explained one of the students.

At first the teacher was worried that First Aid methods learnt would not be extensive enough, but after extensive research she found out that there are, in fact, many ways to go about teaching First Aid.

The project is packed with a lot of information, but there is a lot of practical work to help the students make sense of the theory.

“Yesterday we went to Gertrude’s hospital, where we learned how to use a band aid, what to do when someone has a nose bleed, and even what a concussion is and what to do if you fear you have one.

I am having a lot of fun in this project and would definitely choose it again if given the chance.” stated another student.

The teacher hopes that by the end of the project week all her students will be able to act quickly in difficult situations and help others when needed.



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