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Project week in Kindergarten

Date 15/05/2018

Health education from the beginning is of great importance in our Kindergarten. Not enough exercise, unhealthy/unbalanced diet and problems in the family quickly lead to overweight, concentration problems and stress – already in small children.


Therefore, it is crucial for us to actively promote physical and mental health in children from a very young age. While this is of course routine in everyday life in Kindergarten, the topic was given particular attention during the project week which was all about physical and mental health. The children experienced lots of interesting and special things!

The butterflies and elephants talked about healthy food during the project week. Eagerly, children were cutting fruits and made fruit skewers and smoothies which they enjoyed very much. Before, the children had bought the fruits with their teachers at a nearby grocery store. A nutritionist came to the group and taught the kids which snacks to pack in a healthy lunchbox. The children also learned which food items are deemed by people to be healthy although they are not such as ketchup and chocolate milk. When talking about the food pyramid the children learned which foodstuff they should eat often and which rarely.

Since this time, there is a discussion during every meal in Kindergarten and also at home about whether what is on the plate is healthy or not. The children really enjoyed tasting and smelling with their eyes covered – especially if there are not only fruits and lemon juice but also some sweets in between! Also the hygiene when eating was not missed out. Washing hands was practiced and at the end of the week every child got a real certificate for good hand washing. A dentist came to visit the group and showed how to brush teeth properly. The song that she taught the kids went straight into the ear! The origin of food was made subject of discussion so now children know what can be made from milk and where the bread comes from. At the end of the week every child could carry home a self-made healthy lunchbox full of healthy food for their breakfast. 

The penguin group concentrated mainly on mental and spiritual health. They meditated and designed a big mandala on canvas. Small mandalas were made by each child from colored noodles glued to a plastic plate: Very pretty! When massaging each other and making breathing exercises, the children were able to deeply relax. They were also very impressed by the book “Der kleine Yogi” (The little Yogi). There was even a Yoga teacher coming to the group and showing how not only to make postures with funny animal names but also to relax and find inner peace. That was convincing enough for the group to decide that Yoga shall from now on be a regular activity in their weekly routine.

Also the small children took part in the project week. Just as in the other groups, the peacocks and hedgehogs talked about health – particularly about those people taking care of our health. It was very interesting when the dentist came with Croco, the crocodile with the rotten tooth, and showed the children how to brush teeth properly. The children got to know the exotic jack fruit and were given the chance to taste it. The children had lots of fun playing hospital and singing the song “Polly had a Dolly who was sick”. But the most interesting adventure this week was the visit of the ambulance! All children were allowed to get inside and see what the paramedics use when transporting a patient. Those who wanted could even get treatment and a real plaster. Great! After this experience, the children made their own ambulance to take home.

During the open day following the project week all groups presented what they had done over the week. Interested families and those who already have children at the German School were given the opportunity to get an impression of the premises, the curriculum and the projects in Kindergarten. They also had enough time for talks and tours with the teachers and the Head of Kindergarten. Children were allowed to play and paint while parents enquired about DaF (German as a foreign language)-Programs, sport activities and the German School system and Kindergarten system. We are looking forward to soon welcoming many new families to German School Nairobi!

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