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Ein Ausflug ins Museum

Date 24/05/2018

On the 7th May class 6 visited the National Museum. We had planned to leave after the first lesson.

At the snake park we were divided into two groups and two guides took us around as we filled out a quiz that Mrs. Bashir had given us. We saw the snakes and the guides gave us a lot of information on venom, camouflage and the process of shedding.

We also learnt a bit about turtles, terrapins, tortoises, alligators and crocodiles. The difference between crocodile and alligators is the shape of their snouts; the alligator’s is wider than the crocodile snout. We were also allowed to hold the tortoises. Afterwards we saw the fish in the aquarium, we were allowed to hold a 4 year old trained python, or coil it around our necks. Some were afraid, some were eager.

After the snake park, we went to the showcase with the birds. A guide told us they were stuffed and told us a little about them. In the last few minutes, we were allowed to look around on our own.
At the end of the trip, we met up at the exit. We got back to school at about 1 o’clock but we still had afternoon classes. All in all it was a fun trip.

Stephanie, Natasha und Ahana

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