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Anti-Drug-Day 2018

Date 24/05/2018

The Anti-Drug-Day took place at the German School Nairobi for the third time, this time involving 15 students from the Star Kids School.

The day began with the welcoming of all students from Classes 8 to 11 by the Principal, Ms. Seite, in the gymnastics room, with a short speech on the measures to be taken in cases of drug abuse at school.

Mr. Busch introduced the different workshops and the group leaders, some of them external to the school. He also outlined the past of the two external artists, Patrick and Augustine, who use drug addiction experience to keep young people away from drugs.

The students then separated into five workshops, all based on substance abuse prevention, according to their interests: the music group, led by Augustine and Erastus, composed a song on the subject of drugs and presented it to all participants in the afternoon to great cheers.

Students who participated in the literature group led by Ms Orao and Mr Königshof wrote poems and songs, and analysed the works of artistes who have been part of the drug scene.

Under the direction of Patrick and Ms. Di Benedetto, other students created four excellent paintings, each with a different perspective of the drug scene. Yet another workshop (organised by Mr. Busch) dealt with the biology and chemistry of drugs. Here, the participants used plants to explore the toxic substances from which drugs are produced.

They also dealt with the effects of specific drugs on the body and the central nervous system. The fifth and final group, called ‘be in balance’, learnt about the processes that addictive substances trigger in the brain and the leaders, Mrs. Cichon and Mrs. Budde discussed various yoga exercises as an alternative way of feeling good, but this time in a healthy and controlled way.

Two representatives from the Criminal Investigation Department of Kenya were special guests of honour, and they gave a plenary lecture on various aspects of drug abuse in Kenya, also providing an insight into the legal situation in our host country.

Many thanks to all participants for their creative work on this day.

Iris Budde
Social Worker


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