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Menu Cafeteria


Hr. Busch Regionalabitur Kairo
Mr. Busch Regional Abitur in Cairo

Parent-teacher meeting day

SchilF LWU
SchilF LWU

Strategy Meeting

Bio Markt and der DSN von 10.00 - 15.00 Uhr mit Kinderflohmarkt
Organic Market @ GSN from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. with kids flea market


Cissa Allnoch Worshop in Kairo
Cissa Allnoch Worshop in Cairo

Frühlingsassembly GS
Spring Assembly GS

Flohmarkt @ DSN 10.00 - 14.00 Uhr
Fleamarket @ GSN 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

VS-Sitzung @ 18:30 Uhr
VS-Meeting @ 6:30 PM

Parents General Committee ( PGC, "GesamtElternRat")

At the German School Nairobi parents are being represented by the Parents’ General Committee. At the beginning of each year, during the Parents' Evenings, parent representatives are elected from each class. These parent representatives automatically form the Parents General Committee.

This Committee meets twice a school year at the beginning of each term. To make work easier parent representatives elect an active group, the Parents’ Sub Committee (PSC). Each group of the school (kindergarten, primary school, secondary I and II) has one representative and one deputy on board this committee.

Chairperson: Berit Kadoch-Lattorff and Heidi Flückiger

Parents Sub-Committee (PSC, "StufenElternRat")

From the Parents General Committee representatives, one or two members from each sub-section of the school are chosen by the Committee to form the Parents Sub-Committee.  This Committee meets on a monthly basis, and deals with all matters of concern to the parents.


PSC members academic year 2018/19:


Member Deputy Member
Kindergarten (Kangaroos/Pandas) (Crocodiles)
Primary School (Klasse 1) (Klasse 4)
SEK 1 (Klasse 7) (Klasse 5a)

(Klasse 10)

(Klasse 11)

The liaison officer of the School Board participates on the PSC meetings and thus helps to shorten ways of communication.  Furthermore, PSC members have brief weekly meetings with the headmaster and also participate in the meetings of the Teachers Conference (TC) as well as join the session of the Steering Group (SG) for school development.

Briefly summarized the PSC has the role:

of fostering good communication between parents, school management, teachers, students and Board, addressing generally perceived problems in due time and constructively, mediating in the case of individual problems, presenting proposal from the parent body and of joining the efforts to organize common events.

Current tasks so far are:

strengthening communication between parents, parents’ representatives and the PSC as well as with the headmaster and the board.