07.01.22: Letter from the Principal

Dear students, parents and members of staff,

I would like to extend my warmest greetings to you all in the New Year, and wish you and you all the very
best. May your resolutions, if any, be long-lasting, your plans come to a happy end and everything that
happens in between be tackled by us together. Which brings me straight to the topic, because the letter
is meant to remain concise, which is why I willspare myself a lot of details on improbability and its effects.
After a long deliberation, we decided today that the school will open on Monday (10.1.22), under certain
conditions. We know that the new Corona variant is highly contagious, but on the other hand we know
only too well what it meansto close school and kindergarten. Therefore, we dare to do it, need everyone’s
support and discipline in doing so, and reserve the right to go into homeschooling if we can no longer
control the infection. Attendance is mandatory, so students are not free to stay at home.

Measures towards the opening of the school in January 2022:

 All hygiene measures must be observed. Students who do not wear their masks properly will be
admonished and sent home if they do so again (see appendix for regulations).
 Children and employees who show even one symptom of a cold, headache, tiredness, loss of
appetite, night sweats and diarrhoea, please stay at home without fail and seek medical advice.
 We recommend that children are brought to school by private cars. Parents please remain seated
in the car. The bus system will continue to run, but remains exposed to a high risk of contagion.
Should you have to leave your car to pick up kindergarten children, for example, we ask that you
wear FFP2 masks and leave the premises quickly.
 The mingling of classes will be lifted, and there will once again be separate break areas.
 Snack sales in the cafeteria will be temporarily discontinued and the parents’ café will be closed.
 You will receive a separate letter at the end of the week on the work of the response team and
the regulations on isolation and quarantine.

Whether our decision was the right one remains to be seen. The Kenyan government and the Association
of International Schools do not foresee any school closures. However, we cannot offer daily or three-day
testing as is done at schools in Germany. We shall act as our own health department, which hereby advises all school members to be cautious and behave rationally and hopes that our decision can be supported
by a large majority.
The sun is shining, the temperatures are summery. So there is reason for optimistic outlook and hope that
the little the improbability will soon leave us.

Kindest Regards
Sibylle Seite

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