09.10.20: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, 09.10.2020

Dear students and parents
Here we go! After half a year, we are returning to school. We have waited a long time for this day. Let’s start again and fill the school with life.
However, face-to-face teaching at school is not an offer, but an obligation, which is laid down in the letter of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of 23.9.20. All pupils have to attend lessons. The arrangement described below between distance and face-to-face learning
is expected to be in effect until the end of the school semester.
In order to be able to start lessons punctually at 7:45 a.m., it is necessary to be at school at 7:25 a.m. at the latest as it takes some time to take a temperature, wash hands and wait in line.

With today’s letter we are sending out various documents which we would like you to read. These includes the school’s Covid policy. This must be agreed to in writing by the parent or guardian. The declaration is to be handed in to the subject teacher on the first day of attendance. Students who do not sign this declaration will unfortunately have to leave the school grounds,

On 23.10.20, you and your teacher will receive further explanations, e.g. about the changed zoom plan during the distance learning, on the logistics of arrival and departure, on the rules of the road on the school grounds and on the gate passes that could allow older pupils to leave the school grounds at lunchtime.

And now a list with many important details:
– Weekly alternating return of individual classes from 26/10/20 (see appendix for weekly schedule, changes cannot be made)
– Attendance of classes 11 and 12 all day and throughout from 21.10.2020, including Lunch, Fridays end 13:05, no lunch
– Classes 1-4 attendance from 7:45am -13:30pm, including lunch, Fridays end 13:05, no lunch
– Attendance of classes 5-12 according to timetable, i.e. also afternoon classes (without homework supervision), including lunch, Fridays end 13:05, no lunch
+ 254 (0)733- 445685
+ 254 (0)721- 25 8 417
– No purchases possible in the cafeteria, please bring your own breakfast, water dispensers are available.
– Buses depart at 13:30 and after afternoon classes at 15:35, no buses at
5 p.m., students must leave the premises after class, i.e. be picked up on time. Binding bus registration follows.
– Fixed groups in the same room, in the same place (exceptions possible, e.g. for experiments in
natural sciences)
– Lockers cannot be used, satchels are packed daily at home and remain in the classroom during the day.
– Use of additional rooms such as the computer room as classrooms
– Lessons according to regular timetable
– Distance learning for pupils who are at home, zoom plan will be adjusted and communicated by 23.10.2020 at the latest
– separate breaks for primary and secondary classes in designated break areas for individual classes
– Primary pupils take lunch in the classroom, secondary pupils at class tables in the cafeteria or in the additional tent
– no football, basketball or other contact games at break time
– limited outdoor music and sports lessons
– no AGs, AG offers possible via Zoom
– no events (e.g. St. Martin’s Day) on the school grounds for the time being
– Parents are not allowed on the school grounds, parents/drivers/accompanying persons must not leave the car.
(exceptions: official parent meetings, registered library visits, picking up sick children).
– Relieve the bus system by travelling to school in cars
– Access controls to the school grounds with regard to possible symptoms of a Covid infection
– Strict adherence to hygiene measures (taking fever, washing hands, etc.), increased cleaning, etc.
– Wearing of masks on the school premises and in class is obligatory, training of pupils takes place on the first day of attendance, among other things

We have tried to think of a lot, it will not have been everything. We will gain experience with the new situation and bring about improvements.
The model is a step back into the usual school life, but it will demand a lot from all of us, especially discipline in all areas. Please let us accept the challenge together, overcome it together, regain a piece of everyday school life and stay healthy in the process.

Best regards on behalf of the Covid Commission of the German School
Sibylle Seite

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