14.10.21: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, 14.10.2021
Dear students, dear parents, dear staff members,
Our school year follows strict intervals, with learning and vacation alternating at regular intervals. Some
people think: Well, one ought to be a teacher. Yes, or even a student. As always, we have deserved the
vacations. The first interval is behind us and the autumn vacations have come. I have the impression that
we have all made a good start, new students and staff have settled in well, new friendships have been
made, a lot of vocabulary has been learned, a lot of reading and writing has been done.

But the greatest achievement has been that despite individual Corona cases, the school was able to stay
open, and that’s not all: after the vacations, we can allow further easing.

 Students from different grades can mix again (primary school, grades 5-9, grades 10-12), in the
schoolyard, at meetings, in Extra-curricula activities. Private activities on the weekend are also permitted. Parents may again bring their children to the parent soccer game on Sunday.

 Lunch will continue to be taken at class tables.

 Grade 6-9 will again start using lockers. A combination lock is ideal for this purpose, which must
please be purchased privately. Smaller lockers are also available. Details will follow.

 Parents may meet for a weekly hangout in the cafeteria (dates and info in the newsletter),
otherwise we still ask parents to wait in the vehicles. In addition, the German Community Choir is
singing again and a parent orchestra is in the making. Further information will be provided by the
Parents’ Council. All previous regulations not listed here remain valid. We want to make things even easier and are
proceeding step by step. We ask for your understanding and patience.

Other important points:

 We have agreed that the class trips for grades 5-12 will take place in the week of March 14-18,
2022. The respective class teachers will organize the trips according to our trip concept and will
contact the parents. The primary school has also decided to organize a joint class trip with all classes. The time frame has not yet been determined, but will be communicated in a timely manner, as will all other important information. We are aware of the financial burden that may come with the trips. Families in need of financial assistance should contact the Head of Administration, Mrs. Baumann, directly, who will treat these requests confidentially

 As communicated at the beginning of the school year, students in grades 5-12 will have remote
learning sessions from November 24-26. All students in these grades will be at home. During this
time, Learning development talks will take place, teachers will lead the discussions, hold a study day on digitization, and be available to answer any questions you students may have. In addition to the Learning development talks, the primary school classes will hold two project days on the two remaining days at school. More information will follow.

 The Christmas concert is scheduled for 04 December 2021 on the sports grounds. All school members are to be allowed to take part in this. Anyone who does not have official proof that he/she has been vaccinated or recovered will be given a low-cost rapid test by the school. We will send out all planning details in November.

 Emergency SMS test: Unfortunately, we found out that neither the cell phone software nor Safaricom can handle this large amount of SMS and ensure the transmission. We are looking into further options, will start another test run soon and try to arrange the sending in smaller groups. There will be another preliminary information about this. We ask for your understanding.

Use of the Swimming-Pool: The school will be closed from October 18 – 20, also for the employees.
Therefore, pool use will not be possible during this time. Additional closures will be announced on the
website. The good news: In the future, the pool can be booked again for children’s birthday parties in a class setting.

To all members of the school, I thank you for your work, cooperation, support and problem solving during
the first weeks of school. May you have a restful break and enjoy the vacation days to the fullest.

With best regards
Sibylle Seite

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