17.08.21: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, 17.08.2021
Dear students and parents,
We are starting a new school year. This is always exhilarating and exciting, for us teachers as well, in
spite of the fact that we can look back on many years of experience in school. We hope that all of you
have had a good rest, were able to breathe without a mask and take in a lot of oxygen, and that you will
be able to cherish your time off and vacation experiences for a long time to come.
Fortunately, the beginning of this school year is different from last year. We will all see each other on
Monday and hopefully without interruptions.
 All classes will meet in their classrooms with their class teachers at 1st period on Monday as
indicated below. There is no Corona test to submit or new disclaimer to submit.
Cl.2, R19, Cl.3, R16, Cl.4a, R30, Cl.4b, R22, Cl.5, R47, Cl.6, R73, Cl.8, R32, Cl.9, R63 Cl.10-12 Upper
School Building.
 The school assembly will take place in the 3rd period in the schoolyard of the primary school,
where all newcomers will be welcomed.
 Periods 4-6 are scheduled as class periods as well. In the afternoon, classes will run according to
the timetable. As of Tuesday, classes will run normally according to the timetable.
 The Extra-curricular activities will commence on 06.09.2021 at class level. The registration for
this is being done online.
 School Textbooks will be issued from Monday onwards, on a class basis. We would like to kindly
urge you to order school materials via our online shop at:
http://schoolshop.germanschool.co.ke and not at the Reception.
As we start the school year 2021/22, things are not yet “normal” and Covid regulations will therefore
remain in effect. Please take a look at the most important information on the individual points:

 Please exercise caution when bringing students by car. Do not park and do not get out of the car
if possible. During the first two days, we will provide special assistance to the primary school
 A number of students will again use the buses, which will be disinfected after every trip.
Children on the bus are required to wear their masks as instructed and to remain in their seats
with their seat belts fastened.

 The Swiss gate will be open for use. Temperature controls and a washing station are also
available there.
 We still ask that if families have a child in kindergarten and one in school, they use the Red Hill
Gate, even if it means a detour for some families. This assists us, nonetheless, in spreading out
those arriving. School children will enter the school through the main gate.
 All hygiene measures after arrival remain in place. Please ensure that masks are correctly fitted,
disposable masks are only worn once and fabric masks are washed after a school day.
FFP2/KM95 masks with exhalation valves are not permitted on school grounds due to lack of
protection from others.

For the time being, nothing will change in the lessons themselves. Learners remain in their familiar
rooms, in their usual places. For lessons in the subject rooms, the surfaces will be cleaned after use, just
like all other rooms at the end of the school day.
Break Areas
Each class has its own break area within which the students must stay. Care is taken to ensure that there
is shade, seating and play opportunities. In the primary school, there is a rotation principle for the break

Snacks at Cafeteria and Lunch
Lunch will still be taken on a staggered basis and at class tables. Grades 5-7 will eat at 1:05 p.m. and
grades 8-12 will eat at 1:30 p.m.
During the breakfast break, there are two vending stations where snacks can be purchased.
For birthdays, cakes and snacks can be ordered through the kitchen as before. Only packaged items
(e.g., lollipops) should be brought from home.

To ensure that all learners can use the library during school hours, there are set break times when
classes can borrow or return books.

Extra-Curricular Activities
These activities will start on 06.09.2021. The offers refer to individual classes and will only take place if
there are at least 6 registrations. Should the Corona situation worsen, we reserve the right to cancel the
Extra-curricular activities.

Swimming Pool
The pool can still be booked through the booking system. Details can be found on the website.

There will still be recurrence of positive cases, even when the number of vaccinated people increases.
Please report all cases, including suspected cases, to the response team (responseteam@germanschool.co.ke), who will then contact those affected. We will try to ensure that
infected students can attend classes online, but this may not always be possible.

We strongly request that students be picked up promptly after the end of their classes or activities and
not left alone on the school grounds. Pick-up will take place at the gate where the children were brought
in the morning.
The preparations in the school are in full gear, we are looking forward to seeing you and would like to
wish you wonderful last days of vacation.

Sibylle Seite

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