2.10.20: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, 2 October 2020

Perhaps, possibly, maybe, soon, shortly, probably, anytime soon, presumably,
apparently, all things considered, likely…
The series could be continued. There are many words to express something indefinite, to
say that something is just not possible.
My letters to you, dear parents, and to you, dear students, are marked by
contingencies. I wish it were different, I wish that built up hopes would be fulfilled. What
unites us at the moment is disappointment. We were so close and again nothing has
come of the school opening. Once again we are put off. Language makes it possible to
keep everything vague.
The official proclamations exclude nothing. Yesterday, at a meeting of the International
Schools, it was said that an opening of the schools can be expected at the end of
October. Perhaps, possibly, under certain circumstances, that might be the case. We
are prepared for a school opening, we have certainly thought of a lot, but not everything,
we will discover weaknesses and improve.
Every now and then these days, children’s voices enter my office and it takes a moment
to locate them. Indeed, first graders on the playground, Abiturienten on benches, pupils
at school. What we think is obvious obviously is not obvious.
I’m looking forward to the day when we’ll send you a whole lot of e-mails and pages of
instructions, tips, information, explanations about opening the school and everyone will
sigh about it. Maybe, if possible, after the holidays or in November or January or…
I wish you a sunny weekend, a good week 7 and a relaxing autumn holiday.
Yours sincerely,
Sibylle Seite

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