2.6.2020: Letter from the Principal

Dear parents of grades 1-11, dear students of grades 5-11,

a long weekend is coming to an end and I hope you all had the chance to enjoy it despite the travel restrictions.

As I indicated in my last letter, the school will not be able to open before the summer holidays. This decision has now been confirmed by the Kenyan authorities. As also mentioned, we are preparing for the gradual reopening of the school in August. In the attachment to this letter you will find an overview, which has been developed from the results of the survey. It shows positive points in green and points in yellow and orange on which we are concentrating our efforts to improve. For some aspects, the parents’ consultation day on
Thursday or further discussions with the teachers can offer possible solutions.
Dear students, you are the ones who first talk to your teachers, who you ask, who you should ask for help. They need to know what they are doing well and where there are weak points so that they can remedy them. We are all currently going through a learning process and I am proud of the work of our colleagues, who work with a lot of commitment, creativity and cooperation every day to ensure that you learn from home in all subjects, through different channels, independently, if possible with others and “for life”.

With the warmest greetings,
Sibylle Seite

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