Month: May 2022

We built a Smoker Oven

Smoker oven is designed to smoke meat or fish. This process lasts for a meat stake in the warm smoking around the 8 to 12 hours. The time it takes depends on the meat of its thickness, blubber and fat and whether it is smoked cold, warm or hot. But to do this, you first …

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DSN Goes Green

Under “DSN goes Green”, numerous projects have been created this year with the aim of raising environmental awareness among students, parents, teachers and other interested parties. One of these projects uses the Instagram platform to draw attention to environmental issues. So take a look at the account @dsngoesgreen and leave a like. We wish you …

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Abifeier – Livestream

Dear School Community, The graduation ceremonies and celebrations mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new phase in the lives of our graduates. The faculty, classmates, friends, and families of the graduates come together to celebrate this special day. Although life at the DSN brings many comforts, one of the disadvantages …

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ABI 2022

Dear Class 12, My “now big babies,” you have now received your high school diplomas, which certify that you have attained general university maturity. What is important to me here is the last part of this phrase – “maturity”. Maturity is a process that has progressed quite a bit at your age, but is certainly …

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We made Pesto! – Gardening AG

In the Gardening AG we made pesto ourselves last week with fresh herbs from our school garden. To the herbs only some grated cheese, garlic, nuts, oil, pepper and salt were added. Finally, all the ingredients had to be pureed. The fresh pesto was ready! Lina Knein Teacher

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