Month: January 2023

Water – a Special Substance

On Monday mornings, students from grades 5 and 6 met to discuss the topic: Water – a special substance. We got to know many tools and working methods of natural scientists. The water from the school pool was examined in detail. We filtered it and examined the solid components. From a hay infusion, slipper animals …

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The Atelier Insects

The Atelier Insekten AG is led by Mr. Pfitzner. In the studio, you learn a lot about insects, their habitats, their dangers, and their species. We learned a lot about bees and did PowerPoint projects that were a lot of fun and where I and my group members learned a lot about insects. We were …

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Do you want to know about Kenya’s Mitumba Industry? Watch the video below to find out about the industry, its capacity, and its contribution to the environment and the economy.

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