25.6.20: Letter from the Principal

Dear parents of grades 1-11, dear students of grades 5-11,
when we can return to school in August/September, nothing will be the same for a long
time as it was before closing. The school day will be a different one, one that we will have
to get used to, one where everyone will have to take responsibility.
We will try to allow as much normality as possible, to keep everyone in mind, to find
solutions to problems and to adapt everyday life to new circumstances. The main focus
of all these decisions will be the prevention of infection, for which class sizes must be
minimized and firmly assigned.
In the following we would like to inform you about our initial plans:
– weekly changing return of half of all pupils from 7:45 – 13:00 o’clock to class with lunch
– Teaching in small groups, division of classes over 15 pupils
– presence throughout Classes 11 and 12
– Abrogation of the compartment room principle from Class 6, fixed groups in the same
room, in the same place
– Use of additional rooms, such as the hall of mirrors, the cafeteria
– if possible lessons according to regular timetable
– E-learning for pupils who are at home
– separate breaks for primary and secondary school pupils in designated break areas
– no soccer or basketball game during the breaks
– restricted music and sports lessons
– no AGs that would take place outside, AG offer possible via zoom
– restricted stay of parents on the premises
– Relief of the bus system through the use of passenger cars
– Access controls to school premises in relation to possible symptoms of cod infection
– strict adherence to hygiene measures (taking fever readings, washing hands, etc.)
– wearing of masks or face shields
– additional employment of a nurse, provision of isolation rooms
This initial information makes no claim to completeness and is subject to a process of
adjustment. We will be happy to share any new results or corrections with you and ask
you to please not make enquiries at the moment.
Everyone involved in school life is represented in the preparation group, is heard and is
involved in the decision-making process.
With best wishes and regards,
Sibylle Seite for the school
Tirhas Tesfei for the administration
Nancy Windten for the health team
Ulrike Orao for the teaching staff

Dr. Berit Lattorff for the parents
Paulina Loose and Berachah Okumu for the students

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