28.7.20: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, the 28.7.2020
Dear parents and students,

it’s unusual to receive a letter from school at the beginning of the third week of vacation. But what
is common these days?
I had promised to get in touch during the holidays, also in the hope of sharing good news.

Unfortunately I can’t do that today. Despite various discussions at various levels, the fact remains
that we must continue with e-learning. Our and other schools’ experiences and the results of the last survey will be critically reviewedvand adapted by the colleagues, always with the aim of improving learning. To please everyone’s will – as always – will be impossible. We still follow the approach of taking all learners with us, the good ones and especially those who find it difficult to learn under these special circumstances.

The responsible KMK representative, Mrs. Wenning, has assured me that the responsible
authority will publish new documents for the coming school year. The existing regulations, which
state that e-learning is recognised as equivalent, that performance is assessed and that 10th
and 12th grade qualifications are not at risk, will remain in force. The future class 12 will
receive a separate letter from me concerning the Abitur.

The colleagues from the primary school are working on solutions for our first graders, because it
is particularly difficult for them to gain a foothold under the existing conditions. I am impressed to
hear the variety of ideas they are working with. And this applies to the entire team: we will find
solutions to replace what we are lacking during this time as best we can.

We all agree that the situation that awaits us is anything but ideal. I am also aware that some of
you are faced with the decision to stay in Germany, to have your children attend school there temporarily. If you would like to discuss this with me or have any questions, I will be happy to
answer them by e-mail and on 30.7. and 31.7. from 9-10 am Kenyan time under the following
Meeting ID: 977 9447 6095
identification code: 091291

At the end of the holidays you will receive more information from us about the book distribution,
ordering school materials from the school shop, the first school day, etc. Please check during the
holidays whether there are possibilities for you as a family to improve the technical conditions for e-learning, e.g. by purchasing an additional computer, setting up a permanent workplace and sufficient capacity for data transfer. The school will continue to lend approximately 30 I-Pads to families in the next school year.

I wish you relaxing days and enjoyable holidays in the best of health

Sibylle Seite

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