8.01.21: Letter from the principal

Nairobi, 8.1.2021

Dear students, dear parents,

I would like to welcome you to the new year with our new greeting: Hand on Heart, which will replace the handshake as well as the hug and the elbow greeting at school from Monday.

All the staff members of the school are very much looking forward to your return, dear students, dear girls and boys. Everything is ready: the school grounds and classrooms, buses, cafeteria. On Monday, half of you will start!

Some may also look forward to that day with anxiety: What will it be like? Are my friends still my friends? What is the new teacher like, standing in the classroom and not just on the screen? Have we missed much? Will we have to learn more and faster now? Are we safe? Parents and colleagues also have many questions about what our school day will look like starting from Monday.

You have not been to school for ten months. You are coming back and we want you to first of all arrive, become a member of the class again, get used to the workload and learn to deal with the new rules. All of this will be a new challenge and all of the staff at the school will be there to support you.

We have created many documents about the organization and the process, which can be found on the homepage. Please read again if you are unsure. In the attachment you can see the breakdown of the weeks.

Let us remember the following:

  • punctual arrival and pick up
  • Mandatory use of masks
  • No use of the lockers
  • No Extra-curricular activities
  • No parents and visitors on the school premises

With best regards to all families, best wishes for 2021 and our start of school next week.

Yours sincerely,

Sibylle Seite Principal

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