8.12.20: Letter from the principal

Nairobi, 07.12.2020

Dear students and parents,

Once again the time has come: I announce the opening of the school on January 11, 2021, using passages from previous letters. All letters and documents can also be found on our school homepage. We know that there are many of them, but we ask you to read and take note of them. We shall inform you as soon as possible about any changes that might occur during the holidays.

Up to now, a negative test upon entry into Kenya is sufficient for all those traveling during the holidays to be able to come to school on 11.01.2021. A quarantine is currently not necessary.

The physical school attendances not an optional offer, but an obligation, which is demanded in the letter of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of 23.9.20. All students must attend classes. The arrangement between remote and facetoface learning described in the following is expected to be in force for four weeks, i.e. until 06. 02. 2021. After that, full opening is planned.

In order to start classes on time at 7:45 a.m., it is necessary to be at school by 7:25 a.m. at the latest, as measuring fever, washing hands and possible waiting time may take some time.

Those who have not yet given their consent to the Covid policy, please hand it over on the first day of attendance to the subject teacher who is teaching the first lesson.

Without this declaration the student will have to leave the school premises.

Along with this letter, the weekly breakdown and a video on the logistics of arrival and departure as well as on the procedure in case of positive cases will be sent once again.

We have set up an email address to which all parents and employees should contact us if there is a positive or suspicious case with one of your children or with you as parents. The email is sent to the school and kindergarten management, the three medical staff members, Ms. Sharma as HR and the overall parent representative, Dr. Lattorff. The response team will work together to initiate all further steps. You can reach us from 01.01.2021 at responseteam@germanschool.co.ke

Here is a list with many important details:

  • Weekly alternating return of individual classes from 11.1.2021(see appendix for weekly schedule, changes cannot be made)
  • Attendance of classes 1012 throughout, including lunch.
  • Attendance of classes 14 from 7:45 13:30, including lunch, on Fridays classes end at 13:05, no lunch.
  • Attendance of classes 512according to the timetable, thus also afternoon classes (without homework supervision), including lunch, on Fridays classes end at 13:05, no lunch
  • No possibility to do purchases in the cafeteria, please bring your own breakfast, water dispensers are available.
  • Buses leave at 1:30 pm and after afternoon classes at 3:35 pm, no buses at 5 pm, students must leave the premises after classes, so they must be picked up punctually.
  • fixed groups in the same room, same venue (exceptions possible, e.g. for experiments in natural sciences, art, German as a Foreign Language).
  • Using the locker will not be possible, school bags are packed daily at home and remain in the classroom during the day.
  • Use of auxiliary rooms such as the mirror room as a classroom (class5).
  • Lessons will be based on normal timetable
  • Remote learning for students who are at home, zoom plan will be adjusted and communicated by 11.12.2020
  • Separate breaks for primary and secondary school classes in designated areas for individual classes.
  • Primary school children will have lunch in the classroom, secondary school children at class tables in the cafeteria or in an additional tent.
  • Thereshallbenosoccer,basketballorothercontactgamesduringthebreaks.Thereshallberestrictedmusicandsportslessonsandwhichshallbeheldintheopenair.Thereshallbenoeventsontheschoolpremisesforthetimebeing.Parentsarenotallowedtostayontheschoolpremises,parents/drivers/accompanyingpersonsshouldnotleavethecar(exceptions:officialparentmeetings,bookedlibraryvisits,pickingupsickchildren)Reliefofthebussystembyusingprivatecars.ControlofaccesstoschoolpremisesinrelationtopossiblesymptomsofCovidinfection.strictadherencetohygienemeasures(takingfeverreadings,washinghands,etc.),enhancedcleaning.
  • Wearing of masks on the premises and in classes obligatory, students are trained, among other things, on the first day of attendance, reminders and warnings to comply with the rules and regulations from grade 5 onward if there are repeated violations.

We have tried to reflect on many things, it may not have been everything. We will gain experience with the new situation and bring about improvements.

The model is a step towards the normal school life, but will demand a lot from all of us, especially discipline in all areas. Please let us take on the challenge together, overcome it together, regain a piece of our school life and stay healthy.

On behalf of the CovidCommission of the German School I wish you relaxing and happy holidays and a healthy new year.

Sibylle Seite


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