A sofa for the School

Dear School Community,

After we had carpentered a table for ourselves in our first project, we now wanted to build something that would benefit the school community, something that everyone could use – a sofa.

For this we wanted to use Euro pallets that we bought on the street – five pallets for 1000 KSH. Because it was a cheap offer, we had to repair some pallets and replace boards. This was quite exhausting and many boards broke in the process.

The finished pallets were sanded by machine, refinished by hand and then painted twice. The back and arm rests had to be cut to size. All painted parts were screwed and stabilized so that the sofa could withstand any impact.

Because the sofa is quite heavy, we had to transport it to the courtyard by TukTuk. We could not carry it. Now only a mattress and cozy pillows were missing. Actually, we wanted to make the pillows closer ourselves, but there was not enough time for that. So we decided to buy the cushions and pillows, which unfortunately was a bit expensive.

Now the sofa for the school stands in the courtyard and we hope that the students like it, do not destroy it and do not paint it.

Nicole, Jonathan and Luis
from Class 6 and 7

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