Ahana and Natasha in Berlin!

In a few weeks, it will be 2 months since this warm–blooded African has been in Berlin. And yes, it was definitely cold as we got off the plane. My host family welcomed me with open arms and helped me settle in. So, what is it like living in Germany? Different.

Berlin seems to be split into different sections. Each section has a different group of people who live there, as the norm for a modern cosmopolitan. And all these different sections are easy to see with their transport system. Intricate transport plans consisting of buses, the “S–Bahn“ and the “U – Bahn“, make it very easy to move around the city.

Every neighbourhood has its own centre, where the mall is and where everyone goes shopping. Where I am we have „Das Schloss”. It is usually one of the busier parts of the neighbourhood.

My favourite neighbourhood so far has been „Yorckstraße“. It is a Turkish neighbourhood and seen as one of the tougher neighbourhoods of Berlin.

Yorckstraße’s population is on the younger side and mostly foreigners. So, it is full of graffiti and skate parks and music playing in every corner. A nice change of scenery from Lichterfelde, which is considered one of the rich neighbourhoods, and has a few similarities to Kenya. Getting to Yorckstraße is only an affair of a 15-minute bus ride to the S-Bahn station and another 15 mins on the S-Bahn. It is where I spend most of my afternoons.

The weather is becoming warmer and a lot more bearable which makes it easier to hang out at the skate park. This is a fact I am very excited about. As summer draws nearer, there are more hours to the day and the need for big black puffer jackets reduces. (The North Face jacket is a staple among Berlin high school students).

I am not sure that all people here can feel cold; there were multiple people – adults and children – swimming in a lake when the weather was at its coldest at the beginning of our stay. All in all, I am well-adjusted in Berlin and can actually appreciate an accurate Google Maps description. There are some aspects that I miss about Kenya though. I never thought I would appreciate the craziness of matatus and the wild streets of Nairobi, but here I am, missing the vibrance of my home country and most importantly the sun (but it is getting more bearable).

With that being said, from the different cultures and ethnicities, to the countless Dörner shops, I am very happy to be in Berlin.

Ahana Shah & Natasha Shituvi
Class 10

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