An exciting visit a Journalist in Class 4

On Tuesday, 11.5.2021, Mr. Hoffmann came to visit our class, because he is a journalist at Der Spiegel. But he also told us that he would like to write for the children’s magazine “dein Spiegel” and hopefully will do so soon. That would be great – then we can all read his articles!

The day before, we already thought of questions we could ask him.

Here are some of the questions we asked:

– What is the difference between a journalist and a reporter? – a journalist is the umbrella term – so all reporters are journalists. But a reporter has to ‘get out’ of the newsroom and find stories, other journalists can write commentaries, for example.

– Do you also take photos yourself? – Often I do, but most of the time I have a photographer with me.

– Did you always want to be a journalist? – Actually, yes, even though I wanted to become a pilot in between. But I’ve been working in the profession since the 10th grade.

– How long have you been a journalist? – for about 20 years, especially if you add the years from my school days.

– What do you like most about your job? – I like the fact that I can travel and discover a lot.

– In which countries have you already been? – A lot, I think about 60 different countries.

– How much time do you have for your family? – not as much as I would like – it’s not a job for people who don’t like to work a lot. Especially when I travel I am often away.

Many new questions arose from Mr Hoffmann’s great and interesting answers, for example we learned that anyone who writes (and publishes) true stories can be a journalist .

After the question and answer session, Mr. Hoffmann had prepared a game: he pinned various headlines on the board and we had the task to distinguish important from unimportant ones.

Which of these headlines is more interesting and should be in the newspaper?

– A monkey in Loresho bit a man. The monkey is taken to the animal shelter.

– A resident of Loresho bit a monkey. The man was then arrested.

After this discussion, we learned how to distinguish fake news from real news and Mr. Hoffmann also explained how a journalist can find out whether a news item is true or not.

That is not so easy! Is it true, for example, that…?

– Elephants live freely in Europe? (no!)

– lakes and rivers can turn green because of algae (or St. Patrick’s day ;-))? (yes!)

This expert visit interested not only us, but also many teachers! Apart from Mr. von Felbert, Mrs. Seite, Mrs. Fallis, Mrs. Löffler and Mrs. Kober also listened attentively and Ms. Odira diligently took photos.

This was an exciting experience for class 4, which we hope will be repeated!

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