An information event on the transition from Primary school to Middle school

We have been in the middle school for a year now and are no longer the little ones. Now it’s our turn to tell the next grade how we did in our first year and what the next students should know. On June 3rd, the time had come. We, Munira and Natalie from class 5, together with Mrs Orao, answered questions from our primary school students.

The pupils were well prepared and were very curious: “Who is the strictest teacher?” “Do we get a lot of homework?” “How long are our school days?” “As a scholarship holder, do we also understand something in History?!

We tried to find an answer to each question and think we did a pretty good job within 45 minutes.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask us during the break.

See you soon 😊
Munira and Natalie from class 5 (soon 6)

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