Atelier: Language Ambassadors

In this studio we, Tendai, Lexi (grade 8), Minah, Naledi and Sam (grade 7) go to the kindergarten to help the DaF children who are 4-5 years old to speak German. We are there from 8:00 to 9:00. Before we leave, we prepare games and books, for the children e.g.: Journey to Mombasa” (aka Jerusalem), Colors and Shapes, Patsch etc. . Afterwards we come back and fill out a reflection sheet. Our opinion is that it is not easy to speak only German with the children all the time. Especially on the first day it was very hard to speak only German. The reason for this is that they, and also we, speak a lot of English at home.

After some time the children got used to us. It was also more fun and we also learned a lot to work with children, to speak etc. . It was a great experience. We hope that next year you will participate in the atelier.

It’s a lot of fun to improve your and our German. 😀

The kids always look forward to seeing us and always know why we are there, which makes us happy. The children know, I think, that we are not there because we are only supposed to do lessons, but we are there to learn with them with fun. The kids like the “lessons” too, knowing that it’s not just 30 minutes of teaching. 

Sometimes it is a bit exhausting, but it is worth it to know that you can help children by doing easy things like playing games. (Jessica, together with Ariana and Mathilda, takes care of 4 children from 2b for 30 minutes).

Franziska Schulz
Atelier Teacher

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