Backing in the Kindergarten

The Holiday Season is upon us, behold we can all smell the aroma of cookies!

Baking Christmas Cookies is a customary activity of the season around the world. The baking begins at the start of the advent, often commencing around the time of St. Nicholas Day and continues in preparation for Christmas.

Here at the German School Kindergarten, we are proud to have had this tradition since we started and we observe it every year. It is very exciting to see how the parents get involved in donating the materials needed such as flour, spices, sugar, decorations, the equipments as well as their time to come and bake the cookies in the kindergarten. Each group get to have their day of choice to do the baking with the parents.

As this season is a time of sharing, the kids really enjoy baking with the parents and other kids in their groups as well as sharing the cookies.

This year it has been as exciting as ever. Below are some pictures of some groups baking.

We look forward to baking again next year at the kindergarten. Enjoy baking more at home this season.

From the kindergarten, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mary Mugwe
Teacher – Bees group

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