Call for donations!

Dear School Community,

We are writing to you on behalf of Starkid School, which is urgently seeking help for the new term starting in January. Starkid School has been our partner school for many years – it is not only a school but also a home for currently 41 orphans.

Currently, 217 students attend Starkid School; 56 of them are not able to pay their school fees for various reasons, which poses a great challenge to the school. Nevertheless, the principal Rosalyn Kimatu tries to provide education for every child.

She hopes to receive support from the DSN school community, for example by sponsoring one of the children. The annual fee for the primary school is 500 US dollars and for the high school 600 US dollars.

If you can imagine sponsoring a child, e.g. to share it with a family or to donate money to the school, please write to:


Bente Caspersen and Lisa Edler
Heads of Starkids Partnership

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