Children’s Rights Now!

Dear School Community,

“Children’s rights now!” – This is what classes 8 and 9 demanded this week as part of their social studies lessons. They raised their voices and thus gave space to their demands. On Monday, 20.09.2021, they took part in this year’s UNICEF participatory action and literally “conquered” the street with their colourful chalk pictures. For this, they each painted the child right that was most important to them on the pavement.


The inner courtyard of the primary school offered enough space for everyone. We owe our children a just and sustainable world. It is an unmistakable sign that it is urgently time to implement children’s rights. They have demanded it with their pictures. There can be no better time than now to stand up for the concerns and rights of the young generation: Covid pandemic, growing poverty, war and climate change are not only important issues for the upcoming federal elections, but should ALWAYS be in focus. It is time that not only equality, health, education, protection from violence and in war are talked about, but finally something is done. The 8th and 9th learners have set an important sign for this.

Franziska Schulz
Social Studies Teacher

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