Children’s worlds in Nairobi

In the last few weeks, we had an exciting topic in class. It was about different childhoods, how differently children grow up and we realised how lucky we are to be able to go to school.

Many children have to work to help earn money for their families or even try to survive on the streets. To help these children, we did a tour of the school and collected donations from the classes and administration. A big thank you for your generosity!

Part of the donations went to the UNICEF organisation, the other half was donated to street children here in Nairobi. Through our help, children and young people living on a rubbish dump around Ngong Road got a hot meal. Our contact, social worker Linstone, distributed the portions and they were very happy. You can see two pictures below.

Linstone also visited our class on 22 June and described the very hard life without home and shelter and the feelings of the children. Some return to their family after some time and others spend many years on the streets, some are addicted to drugs to forget their hunger.

On the street, one can only dream of being able to go to school. We found the visit to our class very exciting and asked Linstone many questions. If you want to support him or the great activities of other helpful people in our city of Nairobi, you can easily do so through the initiative “charity connect”.

written by Ella van Gemund
Class 4

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