Congratulations & Goodbye Adrian!!

Dear Mai family, dear students of class 10, dear colleagues, dear Adrian.

Today a special event has taken place. Not only did we successfully celebrate a Realschule graduation, but the number of graduates is usually greater.

Adrian, you came to this school in the most difficult times imaginable. Covid has led in part to homeschooling, strict measures in the presence restricted the usual freedom of movement. Covid has also polarized societies. You have mastered all of that – certainly crises included. Even if you were not always in Mr. Kliem’s work class, I heard that you actively participated in the practical tasks and went in search of solutions. I can only describe the ham you produced as excellent.

Life is always about mastering smaller and larger tasks. You have shown in the last two years that you have found appropriate answers to the tasks set for you in school. I would like to congratulate you for this, as it is certified by today’s report card. Find appropriate answers to the coming interesting tasks that life will give you. You can do it, whether it’s in soccer, fitness, law enforcement, or anywhere else.

My thanks here to Mrs. Pache, Mrs. Orao, and your classmates for making this worthy certification ceremony possible for you.

Celebrate well and all, all the best

Andreas Klare
Deputy Principal

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