Cooking Course!!

It’s that time of year again. Thanks to the high demand, we again have the Nanny cooking class on offer. We have set 3 dates until the December holidays. Please note: Places are limited and usually booked out quickly. The appointment is only considered confirmed when you receive an e-mail from us. Please do not pay in advance!

17. September – 2 Slots Remaining
Kitchen Classics

Different Soups & Salads
Schnitzle, Homemade Fischfingers, German Meatballs
Rice pudding, semolina porridge, red groats
max. 6 Participants

22. October – 2 Slots Remaining
Italian Kitchen

Anti Pasti Classics
Sauce Bolognese, Pizza, Homemade Pasta, Sauces
Panna Cotta & Tiramisu
max. 6 Participants

19. November – 1 Slot Remaining
Organic & Meat-free

Organic Vegetables
Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes
Pastry Baking
max. 6 Participants

Fee per Day 6.500 Ksh | Duration: From 10 am – 4 pm

Please note: Space is limited to 6 participants per class. Participants, please bring a white T-shirt. Apron will be provided by us. After the course, all participants will receive a recipe book with instructions.

To Book, your Slot kindly write us an email at

By the way: In the last school year we prepared about 55,000 portions of lunch, baked 5000 donuts, distributed 6000 birthday kitchens/muffins, filled 2500 rolls and served 1335 portions of lunch to teachers.

Thank you very much for the sincere support and the great trust…]

With culinary regards,
The Cafeteria Team

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